Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Weight Nonsense

While we're on the subject of weight this week, I have just GOT to get my 2 cents in about this article from Google that a friend of mine shared with me.
Judge: McDonald's must pay obese employee $17.5K

(AP) – 2 days ago
SAO PAULO (AP) — A Brazilian court ruled this week that McDonald's must pay a former franchise manager $17,500 because he gained 65 pounds while working there for a dozen years.
The 32-year-old man said he felt forced to sample the food each day to ensure quality standards remained high, because McDonald's hired "mystery clients" to randomly visit restaurants and report on the food, service and cleanliness.
The man also said the company offered free lunches to employees, adding to his caloric intake while on the job. His identity was not released.
The ruling was signed Tuesday by Judge Joao Ghisleni Filho in Porto Alegre.
Filho said McDonald's could appeal the case, and the Brazilian headquarters of the chain said in an e-mailed statement Thursday it was weighing its legal options.
McDonald's also noted that it offers healthier food choices.
"The chain offers a large variety of options and balanced menus to cater (to) the daily dietary needs of its employees," the company said in the statement.
McDonald's headquarters is in Oak Brook, Illinois.

WOW.  Just wow!  Let me make sure I've got this straight before I REALLY get into ate McDonald's every day despite the fact that everyone and their mother knows how unhealthy McDonald's is for you...then used your management status and mystery shopper bullshit as an excuse to eat MORE than just the one meal a day they offer you...and now you're mad that you're fat?!?  So you sued them?!?!

Ok to start off, shame on that judge for not smacking that manager around and telling him to take some responsibility for his stupid actions.  And double shame and a crotch kick to the judge for actually giving this lazy fucker money for being a lazy fucker and a snort-snort-piggy-man to boot!

There are so many things about this that urk me I don't even know where to start.
For one, what ever happened to being responsible for our actions.  No one forced those thousands of cheeseburgers into your mouth!  If I choose to eat shit every day and turn into a giant turd, who's fault is that really?  The shit machines, or mine?

Mccy D's offers salads, bet ya he never got those as his free meals!  "But dressing is so fattening" so eat it without if you're that worried about your weight.  Personally, that thought makes me gag, but hey!  Some people do it!  And just because they OFFER a free meal doesn't mean that you have to take it!

The gross average annual income in Brazil (according to is $2,842.36.  Currently there is 1 Brazilian Real (Brazilian dollar) to 0.5865 USD.  While the article failed to mention if the man was paid out in USD or Brazilian Real, the man walked away from this with between $17,500 and $29,838...which is a substantial amount (between 6 and 10 years annual income which in the US would translate to a settlement of between $198,421 and some change and $330,703).  Now I don't know about you, but I would SO put on 65 lbs to get that kind of money!!!

What I want to know is, this weight gain occurred over the course of 12 years as manager...did at no point, he stop and think to I'm chunkin up!  Maybe I should lay off the Big Mac's and Apple Pies!!  (Though...I can understand the pie temptation!!  Mmmmmm apple pie!)
I speak from experience when I say that it is physically impossible to gain 65 lbs and continue wearing the same size some point in your  ballooning up, there is always a moment of "holy hell!  I can't believe I had to buy that size pants!"  What's my point?...if you're chunking up and ignoring the fact that it's happening...yeah not Mccy D's fault.

The potential backlash that this could cause also frustrates me.  #1 all this is going to do is add fuel to the fire of our law suit happy generations.  Never in history have people taken so little responsibility for their actions or been so quick to blame other's for things...and then to try to get monetary compensation for things that really...don't deserve it.
#2 and this is what bugs me most, is that I know families who are so poor that at times, that free meal during her shift may be the ONLY meal that the mom gets that day.  Feeding children comes 1st and sometimes that means adults to hungry but at least they know at work they can get something to eat.  The thought that this guy's frivolous  law suit could end that free meal deal and make good people go hungry infuriates me.

Then there is the entire fact that this guy blames "quality checking" the food for him getting fat!  Taking AAAAAAAAA nibble off AAAAAAAAA fry once a day is not going to pack on 65 pounderoos!

As a matter of fact...I think that McDonald's should counter sue him for theft, because he was obviously stealing their food under the guise of "sampling for quality control"!!
There has to be some sort of equation for this type of stupidity.

A + B/fat x (french fry to the 3rd power of filet o fish) x 12 years x 365 days / previous weight over height = you're too stupid to put the fry down and now you're a giant fatty and want to blame someone else.

Do I blame Doritos & Beer for my fat ass?  Well...sometimes.  But I've never tried to sue them!  I control my mouth.  Same thing goes for this guy.  I like to think I have acquired an ability to better regulate what I stick in my mouth *gigglesnort* and choose more wisely...apparently this guy just wants something for free.

MCDONALDS...Here is what you should do:

*When you hire a manager (or any employee for that matter), they must sign a waiver that states they understand that eating your food a decision made by themselves with no force from other employees or the company as a whole.

*Automatically give managers a $500/year bonus that can be used for either:
                                  1. A combo gym/weight watchers membership annually
                             or  2. A new wardrobe to fit their ever spreading ass annually

*Take this d-bag who wants something for nothing, counter file because you have bookoo lawyers and money and make an example out of him so that the children of future generations will know it is not freakin acceptable to shove 4000 calories a day into your gut and then blame the food for the results that follow.  It's about time corporate America stops taking one in the ass by settling suits they could win because they don't want the bad publicity.  Stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT...make this guy take responsibility for his own actions and teach the whole world that enough is enough with the finger pointing!

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dull_flame said...

Hell. Yes.

I totally agree with you. I hate it when people sue companies over something that was their own damn fault.

I mean, is part of my weight gain due to junk food? Yeah. But I didn't have to eat it. So I don't think filing a lawsuit against them would do anything except maybe make me look like a moron.

Awesome blog. I found you through that whole Marie Claire thing.