Friday, October 29, 2010

Hopping on the Halloween train

OMG on some of the funny posts by Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy and a few other's about ridiculous costumes...and I have to get in on this.

Honestly, not the biggest Halloween fan around.  I don't like October that gets cold, it starts getting dark early, everything starts turning brown...I'm much more of a Spring/Summer girl myself.  But with 4 kids, there's no escaping the festivities.  So I embrace.

These are some of my favorite ridonkulous costumes this year:

Snookie.  STFU!  Snookie gets her own freakin costume?!?  She's just some trashy loud mouth bar whore!  I know TONS of those girls...they don't get their own costumes!  Besides, I can dig through my closet and find bad 80's dresses, I don't  need a costume for that!  I would also like to add that every time I see a photo like this, I want to smack that look off her face.  Do you really think it's cute?!?

Lady freakin gaga?  Sorry not a fan.  Mostly I posted this one because what is up with the burn victim legs?  Maybe I missed something.

Really?  Really????  The Shocker?!? he gets a date on Halloween night...NOT!

Dude.  You're a douche.  Who really wears something like this?  And on a side note...give this guy a pat on the back...he knows how to charm his own snake.  Guess he doesn't need a date.

BWAHAHAHAH!  This one was titled "Bad Planning BP"
Ok.  Admittedly, though in bad taste...I <3 this one.  I think we should ALL wear this one!

This guy...yeah, never getting laid again.  Gross.

#1 - Natives everywhere roll over in their mounds when anyone wears this costume.
#2  WTH with the heels?
#3 Eat a God damn cheeseburger!

I don't know about where you live, but my swat team ALWAYS dresses this way.  It's super effective for deflecting bullets.  Who needs Kevlar when slugs just bounce off your fake jugs?!

Oh goodie!  Now clowns are scary AND skeezy!  Awesome!!

Oh no, Honey!!  Didn't you see the other costumes!  You're so going to get made fun of for not dressing like a cheap whore!

Dear costume company.  Thanks for ruining one of my favorite childhood characters.  The Sprites are thrilled...but somehow I doubt riding Starlite in that outfit will be very comfy.  Can we say major saddle sores!!  Also, what invisible item are you holding down?  Just curious.

I get that Halloween is about dressing up, having fun, being something you're not...but I guess I'm getting old because to me these costumes are all about showing your slutty side or your stupidity and lack of taste.
Sad thing is, companies make a killing off these tiny pieces of fabric which means, someone out there is actually buying these things!!  Now, THAT'S the REALLY SCARY part of Halloween!!

Check it out...Saturday's post...The Night Before Christmas, re-written by yours truly, just for Halloween!  

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