Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A real life moment with my love

First off I want to tell you all that hot sauce on pumpkins, does work.  The squirrels have stopped eating them!! WOoho0!

Second, I had to share a conversation that I had with my husband today.  Remember, he's on day 7 of 13 that he has to be off work because of a medical issue stopping him from actually being physically able to do his work.

Him:  What's up with your hair and make up?
Me:  I'm testing it out for the Halloween party.
Him:  You're doing a dry run of your hair and make up for a party?
Me:  Yes
Him:  Are you being a hooker for Halloween?
Me:  WHAT?!?!.........................Yes.
Him:  Really? (please note:  he sounded excited when I said yes)
Me:  Well, I'm being a Can-Can Girl...
Him:  What the fuck is that?
Me:  You know, corset, skirt with lots of colored ruffles, fishnets, old school boots...
Him:  Is that a hooker?
Me:  Kinda, I guess.
Him:  Sweeeet!
Me:  They were big in France and then kind of a thing in the old west.
Him:  So you're being a French hooker?
Me:  Yeah, I guess.
Him:  Even better!
Me:  Ya know, like that movie...
Him:  What movie?
Me:  Ya know that movie...with the Can Can Girls...
Me:  The frickin...with that chick that was married to Tom Cruise...the crazy red head...
Me:  YEAH!  The frickin...shit...and she's sick and coughs up blood...
Him:  She was a diseased hooker?
Me:  HA!  Uhm...
Him:  Not good.
Me:  She had TB.
Him:  Sooooooooooo...she was diseased...and a hooker...she was a diseased hooker.  Hope she didn't spread her diseased hookerness around.
Me:  She sang.  Then died.  It was stupid.
Him:  This conversation is stupid.
Me:  You're stupid!
Him:  I need to go back to work.
Me:  Yup.
Him:  Wanna do something fun at nap time (wink wink)
Me:  You missed nap time
Him:  What!?  When?!
Me:  When he was napping!
Him:  Where was I?
Me:  In the garage.
Him:  You didn't come get me!
Me:  I was busy
Him:  Doing what?
Me:  Not you...
Him:  You suck.
Me:  Mmmhmmm...

Can you feel it?  The never ending, undying love!!


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I see you follow Jenny as well. She really makes me laugh. Your costume sounds great. I was Suburban Lust Queen one Halloween. An old nightie, torn fishnets, a banner and a tiara.