Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rockin the sleep talk

I got a whole awesome 2 or so hours of sleep Monday night.
Let me just state that I require a minimum of 5 hours to make sense, 6 to function semi effectively, 7 to make it through the day without brain farting at 2pm, and 12 to make me a really happy girl.
I reiterate;  I got TWO.

I held it together fairly well until about 7:30pm.  At this point I found myself staring at things and totally space truckin'.

This is when one of the awesome conversations my husband and I had occurred!

Him:  Hey, where are those papers?
Me:  What papers?
Him:  The ones from my work.
Me:  How should I know?
*I zone out even more at this point*
Him:  They were on your desk, what did you do with them?
Me:  I don't even know what I did with my face!
Him:  WHAT????
Me:  MY FACE, MY FACE!    (I <3 you Kayla!)
Him:  You are sooooooo weird.
Me:  I stopped listening, are you still talking?

Of course by this time I had found his papers.  Who says something like that?  THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!

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