Friday, October 1, 2010

Martha Freakin' Stewart

Is it she?  Could it be?

YES IT IS!  It is!  It's Me!!!
OK, so maybe in my time off I read a liiiiiiiiittle too much Dr. Seuss, but it's truly true, I'm back!

My lalalalalalalooooooooock down is over.  Drama llama ding dong stalking or not, I'm back to blogging because what I say is SO not important, relevant or directly directed in any direction at all no matter what one little, two little, 3 little Indians may think.
(For those of you new to the blog, it was down for a few months due to some stalking issues.)
I feel like Martha Stewart, stoked to get back to her hen pecking and insider trading.  Thrilling, it really is!

Martha, seen above in her backyard chicken prison (Living, October 2010)

I wonder if Ms. Martha gets a little froggy every time she goes out to collect eggs...the barbed wire takes her back to her days on the inside.  I gotta admit, with a minor in journalism, not being able to exercise my 5th Amendment right to freedom of speech made me a little twitchy.

So while there is so so much that I could write and so so much that I could fill you all in on, the last few months are in the past and here's to looking toward the future.  Instead I am starting a new page on here, continuing my typical ranting and raving, and in general being inappropriate, insufferable, and politically incorrect as always.

Welcome back to the blog.  I promise not to disappoint as long as your expectations are low. ;)

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Tyna said...

Welcome back babydoll! I am looking forward to some politically incorrect ravings!