Friday, October 29, 2010

Best Halloween Photos Ever!

My Moose hates all his Halloween costumes.  He has 3.  Don't ask.  One is old (purchased on clearance last year), one is new, one is mine from when I was a kid...ok I guess you could have asked since I just explained but whatever.  We had our Halloween party this past weekend and he SCREAMED when I put him in his lion costume...hated it.  I said screw it, put him in jeans and his leather biker jacket-costume voila!

So today I put it on him for pics...same thing.  The old one is too small for him, but the footies are cute, and well...the costume that was mine, resulted in some of my favorite photos EVER.  I had to share these few:

He cracks me up!  Gotta love those monster cheeks!!

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