Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Night Before Hal'ween

I've been a Halloween Grump the last 2 years...08 I was pregnant and not doing well with it, and 09 I was pregnant and big as a house.  Neither year did I feel much like dressing up, having parties, walking around town in the cold, or being festive.  This year I have been having a great time with in honor of my new found fun in this holiday...

(Please note...I'm tired, I had a MASSIVE asthma attack while driving today that required me to pull over and call for help with my baby in the car with screw punctuation and capitals...judge away but I'm not putting that much effort into this!)

Twas the night before Hal'ween and in the dark house
our big fat ass cat was up chasing a mouse.

The candy was out in a bowl by the stair
and I had just bought colored spray for our hair

The husband was curled up all cozy in bed
while the ex was up flying her broom over head  (giggle-snort)

I was up writing for my awesome blog
and my Moose Man was jumping around like a frog  (he does that sometimes)

It was cold in the house, but thanks to my Flinky
I was enjoying warm apple pie drinky

The moon was so full  and the night sky so bright
Twas hard to imagine it was time for a fright

The baby was sleeping now so was the pup
As the night fell completely t'was only Me up

I checked all the locks and pulled the last blinds
and went to collecting my Halloween finds

Toys for the baby, bundles of candy
new shirts for the girls and for he who's so handy

Zombie attire and masks that are scary
and one little lion costume oh so hairy

A cowgirl, a bride, a monster all dirty
and one can-can girl dressed up all flirty

The house was now quiet but soon we would hear
ding dong and giggles like this time each year

Outside the goblins, witches and gouls
plotted and planned how to trick all the fools

Suddenly I heard a big bang on the roof
which certainly wasn't any reindeer hoof!

A peak out the window but nothing I saw
so with a shrug I decided to draw

Instantly the dog jumped up snarled and bristled
at the very same instant something quietly whistled

I turned on my heel and to my surprise
I found myself staring into bright green eyes

I took a step back and then took another
and before I thought, I exclaimed, "What the mother...?!?"

A gravely voice I heard come from the dark
and when it spoke there was a familiar snark

"Who are you," I asked, "and what do you want?"
"You know who I am, and of course...M'here to haunt!"

As it walked up to me and into the light
It looked just like me, now THAT was a fright!!

"I've come here to show you Halloweens past
so you can have fun and drop all the sass!"

A light pale blue hand reached out and touched mine
and right then I knew that all would be just fine

Flashes of images from my first year till now
Halloween costumes and past parties...oh wow!

In the past I had always had fun Hal'ween day
but lately I hadn't enjoyed it the same

As I turned to her to ask, why show me all this
In a puff of blue smoke she was gone, but left this...

An old pumpkin candy pale, homemade puppy suit
a Halloween card and a horn that went 'toot'

Halloween memories to bring back my cheer
I knew this would be my best Halloween year.

YAY!  Aren't I creative :)

If I don't make it over to say it tomorrow...

Happy Halloween to all my awesome readers & followers :)


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Halloween!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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