Me and The Blog

I'm a 33 yr old woman who has seen and done more than most people have at the age of 70.  I know no fear and fear no man, woman, or child.  I was raised by my parents who are now 2 of my best friends.  I have a sister who I love to hate...she's my polar opposite and my best sissy.

I got married in 07 after almost 2 years of crazy baby mama drama with him and his ex, IMMEDIATELY followed by us getting custody of my husbands 3 kids from his 1st marriage.  I stepped up like most women wouldn't and quit a great paying easy job to stay home with the kids.  Fast forward a year and we lost our 1st biological child together at the same time we lost my grandma and found out my dad had Leukemia.  Through constant court battles and more shit than most people could handle, we stood together.  

My son, Moose was born in late, 2009.  He is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.  I can't hold him enough or kiss his precious cheeks enough!  He owns my heart.

My beautiful boy, Moose ~ July, 2011

But as I always say, life gets in the way of life sometimes and we hit the perfect storm when a wicked case of post pardim depression hit me the same time more court crap came down the line and some family members started causing some issues and before I knew it, I was a pseudo single mom living in a 4 bedroom house with just me and my boy and the dog and cat.

I'm now in the middle of a divorce that's been "put on hold" though depending on the day, I'm not sure why.

I'm making the most of my time alone with my son.  Loving every second that I get to be with him.  Building my career.  And trying to find my way in a life I never wanted to live this way.  And honestly, I'm surprisingly happy!

I have had stalkers and rivals who have tried their damnedest to silence me and have me chased off the web but reality is I exist like it or hate it and I will not go away.  If you don't like me, don't read me.

I've turned over a new leaf and a adopted a new attitude.  I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of me.  I'm loud, I'm bold, I'm independent, I have lots of tattoos, I have wild colored hair, I cuss like a sailor and I don't hold my tongue.  I spent too many years trying to be a stepford wife because it was what I thought my role was.  And for what?  So fuck that.  This is me and I won't be anyone but myself for any reason or any other person ever again.

Me ~ August, 2011