Thursday, October 7, 2010

F'ing Graco!

Yeah, I said it!  And I meant it!  F'ing Graco!
Admittedly I don't remember what post it was, but months ago, I posted about trying to kill myself with bleach, barf, and my pack & play mattress.  At the time (I think maybe in May?) I had to throw out the floor/mattress of my pack & play because I found out the hard way that baby spit up has ammonia in it and when cleaned up with Clorox Clean Up can almost kill you.  I placed an order for a new floorboard/mattress THAT WEEK...and I STILL don't have it!  Fast forward to having a 10 month old who is starting to walk already, and guess what...yeah I am desperate for a pack & play sometimes!

I try really hard to shower when he is sleeping, but uhm, if you read my shit, you know that's like NEVER.  This kid will make a great partier someday-he requires no freakin sleep at all.

So when I don't get the chance to shower during super fast nap time, I have to resort to this:

Oh yeah.  Isn't that awesome!?!?  A laundry basket and a few toys next to the shower.  Don't bother calling protective services, they said it's cool.  No laundry baskets were harmed in the making of this silly photo.  Lets just say my showers are short enough that I can only just barely claim to be clean (and forget about shaving my legs!).
Ok I might be exaggerating a little bit, but I DID give up on Graco and make my own bottom for the pack & play, really...something that I shouldn't have had to do.
Thanks Graco, Similac, Fischer Price, Tylenol, and Mylicon for your recent suckage with either recalling tons of shit or not being able to provide adequate customer service!  Makes me glad we're not having any more kids.

Guess the moral of the story is, don't clean up puke with bleach and for the love of God...don't destroy your pack & play base because you are totally F'ed if you do!

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