Monday, October 18, 2010

Mushy Monday?

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven't blogged much the last week.

I want to start by saying how excited I am to be one of the featured bloggers this week at  If you haven't been to that site you should check it out!  It's like coffee time with your girlfriends...but online and with lots of pink text.   You can post questions, get ideas for all sorts of stuff and chat with 'friends'.  I am pretty new to it but have already started to take advantage of some of what the site has to offer and I dig it.  Plus its a freebee site so I'm totally down with that!

Being a featured blogger this week I will try try try my best to blog every day...that being said my husband is still home sick and for this entire week!  He can't drive but is enjoying making fun of me for blogging...the good news, I have a built in babysitter for my  blogging time!  The bad news...he's getting really stir crazy in the house so I might have to find some outings for us to do with the baby boy.

If you're new to my blog, I write about a little bit of everything.  I tried my damnedest to avoid being domesticated and had no plans for a husband or married with 4 children and a stay at home/work from home mom, I blog about my attempts to avoid doing the laundry, the ridiculous shit that I see during the day, things that urk me, and sometimes relationship stuff.  Sometimes I'm flowery and mushy, sometimes I'm a down right bitch.  Love it or leave it.

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So let me just say that I don't normally do the mushy lovey blogs very often.  But I have to admit that with my anniversary coming up this Sunday and my husband on day 5 of being home and unable to drive, I've been doing some reflecting on the past and I'm feeling a bit sentimental.

I am 31 1/2 years old.  I have known my husband and had a relationship with him of one sort or another for, get this...17 years.  SEVENTEEN FREAKIN YEARS!  That's more than half of my life!!
Now I'm sure that more than one of his ex's is probably reading this...some as friends, some not so much.  So let me qualify my statement of "relationship of one sort or another" for you all and take you on a little trip down memory lane...well more like memory washboard super bumpy dirt road.

I met the man who would become my husband, when I was 14 years old and man was he a piece of ass (still is)!  He had a body like Beckham; washboard abs, tight pecks, incredible arm and back muscles.  Yeah, he was yummy.  (I have a shirtless photo of him that I'd love to share, but I can't for fear that shirtless photos of me would magically appear on the web then!)   It was the height of the grunge era and he had the long hair and facial scrub, ripped jeans and beat old Vans with a flannel...I loved it!  He was dating someone I had known since 1st or 2nd grade when I met him (waves to Melissa...she's his ex and a friend).  High school love is fickle and it wasn't long before we were dating.  Ok, Ok...depending on who tells the story, I may or may not have had a direct hand in his break ups with between 1 and 4 different women over the course of 12 years on up to but not exceeding 6 different occasions.  Confused yet?  Good!

Sophomore Year in High School - Yup...Piece 'o' Assss!
High school.  Land of making out in the hall ways, late evening trips to the dog kennel (because he would walk to my house to see me), and ditching ACT prep class to go to Taco Bell with him (it's cool, I still got a 28).  We were THAT couple, the ones that were looked at as inseparable...and probably a little psychotic.  God help any girl who even looked at him, and he was equally vicious when it came to guys talking to me.  We had arguments that, had we been given access to ammo, would have rivaled the world wars and yet when we touched it was all fire and lightening.  Riding the bus became cool to me because he rode the same one.  We were on again, off again, but even in our off agains...and even when dating other people, we couldn't stay apart for long.

It's hard to believe that was so long ago.  The memories are still so lost in a particularly fun to relive memory!

When something happens that forces you apart *Cough*parents*Cough* it makes things hard.  Senior year we were extra off again on again but by the next year, it was on again.  I started college.  We were still on because I lived at home while going to school.  Early in the year just before I turned 19 he proposed.  I said yes.  What I really meant was "Yes as long as you mean rush," but when the words 'family' and 'baby' and 'kids' came out of his mouth a few weeks was 'hit me with some Xanax' panic time!  Most people walk away and take some time to re-evaluate...I on a plane to Africa.  Yup.  I ran OUT OF THE COUNTRY!  Dumb move the time I got back, he wouldn't talk to me.  Such is life.  

Now, I said we had a relationship of one sort or another...this was the other.  We had gone our separate ways but when hearts are as tied as ours were...not a day goes by that you don't think about the other person.  Every guy I dated was compared to him.  Trust me, I had my fair share of boyfriends, short term and long.  Not a one could hold a candle to him.  There was this one guy who I was good friends with but never dated, though I always had a thing for him...but he turned out to be more douchetastic than most of them.  Turns out that all that time we were apart, the women he was with were falling short of living up to my legacy.

And as I have said a million times before, let it go, if it's really yours it will come back and come back it did...sort of.

See, people talk.  People who know people you used to date talk even more.  They love to fill you in on the sordid little details of what your exes are doing, where they are, how they are and especially when they've taken leave of their current relationship.  So MAYBE I made a call and had someone make a call that I knew would result in a returned call to me...from him...that is, if he was in the market, as it were.  And it took less than 24 hours to get that call.  

I might talk or blog about how to have a good relationship but I don't even talk about how to have a relationship like mine.  Why?  Because it's not fair.  A friend of mine recently said she wanted for her and her husband to act/talk/touch/and generally 'be like' my husband and myself.  She wanted to know how we were so close.  How many people can say they knew who their soul mate was when they were 14 and not be full of shit?  Not many.  *shrug* 

I could tell you where I was when the phone rang.  I could tell you what song I was listening to.  I could tell you that I don't answer numbers I don't know; so it was weird that I looked at the phone, sat it down, and then picked it back up and looked again...and answered it.  What I couldn't tell you to any level you can understand; is how my heart raced when I heard "Hi." all nonchalant on the other end.  Or how my stomach flipped so hard that it almost made me ill.  Or how I felt the same fire just hearing his voice that I remembered from so many years earlier.  So; a call, and a job, and an unexpected evening hanging out together and the rest is history.  

I'm sitting here typing, hearing his voice from the other room and it warms my heart.  I see him standing or walking or sitting and it makes me smile knowing he is here, with me.  I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world.  Not chasing hurricanes, not chasing tanks, not traveling the world.  I've done that.  Not even the rush of beating CNN and Fox News into a ravaged area by 24 hours to document holds a candle to the happiness I feel here.    

It's just so surreal to me that after all that the world has done to split us up and keep us apart, it wasn't enough.  And trust's insane that it's been 17 years today since the day he said he and Melissa had broken up and only 6 days short of the 17 years since the day we started dating.  We took a Wednesday off work 3 years ago to say our vows in the court house on the date we wanted to have as our wedding...the anniversary of the day we started dating 14 years earlier.  Aww!  Sentimental and promised.  My feelings for him have only gotten stronger.  No worries...I won't be running off to Africa any time soon ;)

As Mr. & Mrs.

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