Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chicken Boobs & KKKitties

This is my weirdness (and my sisters).

For one, I prefer my chickens with DD's (like myself) not itty bitty titties...which are what I got in this bag that I don't really think the grocer had any right to call "frozen chicken breasts".  Frozen chicken chunklets would have been more appropriate.

Yeah the only real breast on that plate is to the left.  Needless to say, with a family of 6, I didn't have time to take this back and bitch so we're having chicken chunklet taacos tonight (Yes, I said taacos-with 2 a's).

After a long day of running to docs, shopping at Farm & Barn (aka Farm & Fleet) and taking care of my sicky husband, the last thing I wanted was to have to open 2 things of chicken just to feel like there was enough to feed my crew.  Plus, ever since I was preggerificus with the Mooskers...the smell of cooking chicken makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit...kinda like when people talk about Obama (oooooooooooh she crossed the political line!  YIKES!).

So while cooking my itty bitty chicky titties, I get a pic message from my sister who's twins who appeared one day (What????  I didn't SAY they were fake!!!) are anything but itty bitty...but still not as big as mine. >:P
See going back ages and ages we have a family tradition (well, she and I do, the rest of the family thinks we're weird) of making tortilla faces.

That's my Moose making a tortilla face.

So my best sissy sends me a photo of her cat.  This is it, see what you think it looks like:
The 1st thing I thought was, "Holy crap, Bonk joined The Clan!"  After some texting back and forth and some laughing our asses off, it has been determined that her cat is racist and the pointy tortilla hood is completely inappropriate.  It has been disposed of.
While texting with my sister I'm hearing all these weird sounds from the next room.  They resembled ripping paper, but as my husband was in there watching the kids, I knew it couldn't possibly be something being torn up.  YEAH RIGHT!!!  I walk in there and my love announces, "Moose was doing some coupon clipping!  He found some good deals at Menards."

So as my dinner is finishing up on simmer mode and my son is destroying the living room...and my sister's kitty is being segregated from her other cat so no race riots break out in the apartment tonight while she's at work...I will wrap up this blog and try not to burn my chicky chunks. 

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