Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear God

Ya know that prayer, grant me the whatever to whatever and yadda yadda accept what I can't change.  Yeah.  I'm feelin' it today.

I'm like the poster child for the concept of 'things happen for a reason'.  I honestly believe it.  Everything happens for a reason, you may not see what the reason is for years and years and you may never totally understand it...but there is a plan, or at least a direction that sometimes things get steered in.

We've been in the market for a house for a while.  We out grew my tiny pre-marriage house a long time ago.  Last spring we found this great place.  Not huge but bigger than this house, great interior spaces, perfect for parties (and we're a party family), water access for boating, private neighborhood, room for me to have a separate studio, big enough garage for a man cave.  We laid in bed late at night and made plans for additions and the like.  The place needed work, new carpet, floors needed to be stripped and refinished, kitchen was ancient...the yard-freakin disaster area!  But they say Location Location Location, and man did it have the location!

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