Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jibberish, Dribdrab and Dady Duck

HOLY MOLY!  It's been a few days.  Crazy busy here, doc apts...a million calls to the mortgage people for the new, boxing, the usual.

There was some sort of conversation, if you will, going on  in my kitchen this morning...although I didn't catch a single word of it.   And somehow I doubt anyone else did either.
The wonderful world of made up languages was filling the air during breakfast.

This all started years ago but subsided once the novelty wore off.  It has had a recent comeback which I suspect had something to do with an episode last week where a kid (not one of my kids, just FYI) came out of school in the afternoon and was heard saying that he saw his sister and her boyfriend "gettin it on".  A kid.  A 5 year old kid!  Of course, the second we were in the car and the doors were shut what do you think happened?
"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahma, what does 'getting it on' mean?"


I played the good parent game and threw out different ideas that technically could be what it means but ya know, were not what that kid had meant.
*You know, get it on, like get your coat and shoes on.
*There are lots of things you can get on.
*Who knows how to spell the world "Get"???
And the last resort,
*That kid has no idea what he's talking about.  Don't listen to him.

Mother F the public school system because that whole slew of mommy stupidity was followed by,
"No, get it on means..."
Watch the God like power I wield as I cut a kid off mid sentence and blurt out, "STOP saying 'get it on', it's not appropriate and it doesn't matter what it means, it's off it?"

It wasn't even an hour into our evening when I heard

That whole episode that took place in under 2 minutes, got me thinking about terms that parents and kids use so that the other is not privy to what they're talking about.

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