Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I should totally be editing photos (because that's what REAL photographers do...make sure images look their absolute best before they share them with the public or their clients) but yeah...I'm here.  No worries, clients....I'll get them done today (because that's what GOOD photographers do...produce work quickly for their clients).  Yeah, uhmmm guess what today's blog bitch is about...

Photographers.  Wannabees.  Professionalism.  Consider it a 21st CDG 'How To' and 'How NOT To' and again...'How To'.  You'll see...

So for starters just to put to bed any idea that I'm  not qualified to vent rant  bitch moan and or blog about this subject, here are my credentials.

I began taking photography classes in 1st grade.  No I'm not joking.

I took photography for 3 years in high school.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Documentary Photography from Columbia College Chicago.
No that is not a normal degree that they offer, I'm old enough have gone there back when you were allowed to apply for the right to earn a specialized degree and do extra time and extra work to earn said degree.  That is exactly what I did.  A few tweeks to my requirements and a whole extra semester concentrating on documentary work and my Photography degree magically poof'd itself into a Documentary Photography degree.  I have a separate minor concentration but it's not in the photo field so I will let that go for today.

I have studied under photographers from National Geographic, Time, Conde Nast, Life, The Chicago Sun Times, The New York Times and more.  I have studied under some of the greatest photographers ever including;  Chris Rainier, Rick Sammon , and John White.

I have traveled the US and parts of Africa photographing.

I have been published multiple times.

I have one documentary photography book out and another on the way.

I have owned and operated a photography business since 1998 and learned the hard way sometimes and the easy way sometimes but the business is prospering and growing.

I won a Best of Photography award in 2000 from Serbin Publications.

I pretty much kick ass.

Now that I'm done tooting my own horn, here's my ventastic post.

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