Friday, April 30, 2010

So Yay Friday

My morning has been AWESOME.
*insert dripping sarcasm here*

After what I would guess was the 17th night in a row of restless baby sleep, this one being far worse because his little sinuses are so congested, I had the morning from...well lets just say it wasn't the best.

I woke up at 7 am to a pissed off baby.  Great.  My alarm doesn't go off until 7:45.  BOO!!!
Once he decided that he was done crying, Moose is the king of crying when he's almost but not quiet awake...I headed out to get a bottle.  Deciding a potty break was in order 1st, I ducked into the mostly completed 1st floor bath...yeah it has no door.  Eh, whatever.

I noticed as I sat upon the throne that there was a MASSIVE...and I mean the size of a freakin quarter...spider on the floor!  AAAAAAAACK!!!  It appeared to be dead.  So what do I do, wad half the roll of TP around my hand and go in for the smoosh & flush.  IT GOT UP AND RAN!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!  And what do I after it.  I swear to God this thing got up on its back legs and HISSED at me!  I grabbed a box and smashed it to oblivion...which in retrospect only created a huge mess for me to clean up.  FYI...big spiders like that, sort of pop like a small water balloon when you smash them.  *Shudders*

I hand sanitized, brushed the heebie jeebies off me and moved on.  I got a bottle for little man and headed back to our room.  I no more sat down and got the bottle in his mouth and RAAAAAAAAAAAALPH!  The kid horked ALL over himself and me!!  And not a little, and not food...all bile and snot!  :(  My poor little guy!  
The teething, and possibly a little bit of a cold, are kicking his ass!  He has so much snot and is so congested that he slept in his car seat last night :(  and apparently it was just more than his tummy could handle.

So nothing like smooshing monster spiders and the smell of belly juice in the morning!  The coffee is on warm and one cup is down the hatch.  Johnny Test is on TV and little Miss is making Valentines...I don't know...don't ask me.  Moose is psychotically gnawing on his hand...wait make that my hand...oh nope...his hand.

WHICH brings me to my tiny doctor vent.  I love our pediatrician.  She's an excellent doc.  Yesterday I called to make sure they didn't want to see Moose because of the congestion.  I mentioned something about Tylenol and the nurse says "does he have a fever?"  Uhm no I already told you, no fever, no green snot, just really congested and OBVIOUSLY teething.  She flipped at me about Tylenol!  "You're not supposed to use that except the day of vaccinations or if they have a fever over 101.  
I said (oozing with sass mind you) "Really...cuz I'm not sure about the bottle you have...but the one I bought says 'fever reducer and PAIN RELIEVER' and boy is in pain."
She argued with me that it's not good for him because he is so small.  Look...I don't give it to him nonstop, hell I don't even give it to him every day...but if he cries off and on for 2 hours all the while frantically chewing on things and gagging himself, I'm giving him something!
So me being me I run through the options (already giggling because I knew where this was going)...
Me:  Ok what about infant Motrin
Her:  Uhm that's the same thing
Me:  Mmmm not really its Motrin not Tylenol, but ok...what about Orajel
Her: Orajel has been linked to blue baby syndrome and we never recommend using it
Me:  What about those homeopathic teething tablets?
Her:  I don't know anything about those so...
Me:  OK Fine...then whiskey on the gums it is!

Dead Silence.

I had a hell of a time not laughing out loud.  Why do people take me so seriously?!? 

Finally after she stuttered a few times I said I was kidding.  She told me she would talk to the doc about Tylenol and call me back...they never did.  Which I am taking as them saying "give him the Tylenol" (which I literally just did 2 sentences ago).

So its Friday again.  I am planning a lazy day.  Welcome to my new FF.  And to the rest of you TGIF!!


sweetpea08 said...

Thanks for following me, I am now following you!

Your spider story totally made me shudder and I now keep looking around the room afraid one might pop up...I HATE spiders!

As for the paranoid nurse...I've been giving my son tylenol for pain (and my doctor is the one who told me to use it) since he was only a few months old. I had to laugh at your whisky joke...too funny! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Overthinking Mama said...

thats hilarious!! oye.. gotta love nurses!
my funny little nurse story: my dad's a diabetic.. and in the hosp. atm... last night the nurse came in, took his sugar reading, told my dad, and asked HIM how much inselin he needed.
i thought that was great. they gave him what he said! :-)

anywho... love your blog!

21st C. DG said...

NICE! Glad to see all that schooling went for something good. *shakes head*

SquirrelQueen said...

Not a good way to start the day. I don't mind spiders if they are outside but not in my house, never, ever.

My husband's ex was a nurse, she sounded a lot like the one you talked to.

Thanks for the follow, following you back. Have a great weekend.

Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...

ugg spiders scare me.

ahh paranoid nurses. hahha loved the whiskey line!!

thanks for stopping by, now following. =)

The Drama Mama said...

Thanks for following me, leading me to your blog. I'm glad you did. We hav big wolf spiders here, and it's not my favorite thing to step on in the dark on a middle of the night potty run. Blech. They are fun to smoosh though, LOL.

And I have to agree with you, whiskey on the gums is the best way to go. ;)

Anonymous said...

Visiting and following from Friday Follow. So glad you joined us an hope you enjoyed your lazy Friday!

~ Lynn

Amberlynn said...

Thank for following! Returning the favor and following you back. Looking forward to reading more. Hope you have a splendid day!