Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mother of the year = Me!

Getting 6 people out of the house on any given day can be, challenging (at best).  Normally we have few if any issues.  The girls move smoothly through their morning routines, I get the baby ready, and on weekends the hubby makes breakfast for everyone and cleans up while I'm getting ready.

This morning, somehow, wires got crossed.  While I was in the process of packing the diaper bag, I saw my husband grab the ziplock that usually contains the nipples and a bink, and throw it in the bag.  I grabbed the rest of the things that we needed, bottle, formula, rice cereal, etc and we were gone.  We no more sat down at church for Easter service and little man started fussing.  I grabbed the bottle, mixed in the formula and nursery water, and went for the nipple. nipple?  NO NIPPLE?!?!  FRICK! 

I looked at my husband, "Did you pack a nipple?"  He smirked...very funny!
I dug through the entire bag.  NO NIPPLES!

By now, little man was just about to let loose a roar as the band got on stage to begin worship.  I threw my hands up in the air, "I gotta go!"

I grabbed the diaper bag, little man and headed for the door.
I was almost out of the building when a woman I know asked where I was going.  I explained the dilema and she said she had a bottle I could use.  YAY!  She goes to the counter and gets the bottle they use to collect coins for the crisis pregnancy center.  COLLECT COINS. 
EWWWWWW!  Is she kidding?!?!  I kindly thanked her and said that I thought I might have a nipple in the car but I appreciate her offer.

I shuddered on my way to the car! 

By the time I got to the store, Moose was screaming.  Poor little guy!  He was so hungry.  All I could think was 'Mother of the year!  Dragging a screaming kid through a store looking for a nipple which is kind of an important part of ANY bottle!  I cant believe I forgot that!'

Once back at the church and walking with a babe in arms sucking furiously at his bottle, I was able to regroup but the calm of the day was shot.
ON the way home the kids were wound up.  Little man was finally sleeping.  Husband and I were talking about the upcoming move.  And without even thinking I yelled,
 "LOOK!  SOMEONE RAN OVER THE EASTER BUNNY!!"  Oh yeah!  Dead rabbit on the side of the road!  I lost it.  I laughed so hard tears ran down my face. MOTHER OF THE YEAR!

2 of the kids had a look of shock on their faces.  Little man was sleeping.  The last child said, "You have GOT to be kidding me!"  Then at once they all began laughing together. 
Ah how far we have come from children who cried if you looked at them the wrong way! 

Our dinner was beautiful and enjoying the company of my in laws was a pleasure.  My parents unfortunately didn't make it out, but who can blame them after a 15 hour drive!

Easter went off with only minor hitches, and a slightly flattened bunny.  Thank God!

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