Friday, April 2, 2010

Its GOOD Friday...not SPRING Friday!

If I hear one more person say today is "Spring Friday" I'm going to lose it!

I don't care if I hurt your feelings or belittle your beliefs.  You obviously don't care if you do that to me!  Ooooooooooooh!  But what about the Muslims and the Jews and the Pagans?  What about them?  Are they not off work today?  Are they not planning to enjoy the beautiful spring weather?  And while we're at it do they not enjoy December 25th with their families?  IT'S FREAKIN CHRISTMAS.  I don't care what you label it, I don't care what you tell the Walmart check out girls they have to say when people leave..."happy holidays!"  I don't care what your religious beliefs are...that day is a holiday because the Christian people who formed this country believed it (and today) to be special days and said we should all take the day off and enjoy the time to reflect on it.  So if you don't share Christian beliefs, then don't reflect on it but don't try to take it and turn it into some political nonsense because it's NOT.

"I am so sick of this self-help, 12-step, left over hippy generation bullshit!"

This country was formed by God fearing men.  OH MY!  She said MEN, not MEN & WOMEN.  Damn right I did.  The women had little if anything to do with the actual forming of this country that so many of us claim to love. 

It is what it is, you can't rewrite history you communist asses...the holocaust happened and America was formed by great men, who had great women by their sides at home (Abigail Adams is a favorite of mine) but not by their side in the halls of Washington or at their offices.

Men who believed in a Christian God.  Men who believed Jesus Christ died for their sins.

Men who wrote the pledge of allegience and are rolling over in their graves because some individuals have decided that we have to be so concerned with everyone's feelings that suddenly we're no longer concerned with Christian's feelings or the history of what this nation was built on.

You weren't forced to come live in a country based on those beliefs.  And don't give me any bullshit about how your ancestors were brought here as slaves...African American, Irish, Chinese...tons of people one is holding you here against your will.  If you have an issue with being here, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!  I can name at least 3 countries within spitting distance of here who not only do not subscribe to the Christian belief system or have a history in it, but are pretty against it!  Go there!  Go back to where your enslaved ancestors were from. 

No one is asking you to give your life to Christ.  No one is forcing you to change your beliefs.  But today is GOOD FRIDAY...and December 25th is CHRISTMAS.  GET THE HELL OVER IT, YOU WHINEY BABIES!

Aren't I a shining example of Christian tolerance and agape love? Ya know what, its about time we stand up for ourselves and stop turning the other cheek. Guess you can say I'm a fan of the Old Testament God who would have smited those who think they can just walk all over my religion and expect us to tread lightly around theirs.

If you can't accept that some of the holidays you all sit on your asses and enjoy not working are based in Christian beliefs, THEN GO TO WORK.  Trust us.  Not a single Christian will sit home and shed a tear because you're sitting behind your desk punching numbers while we're at home celebrating the life & death of our savior.


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Vivian said...

OMG, you just read my mind! i love it! not to mention that yesterday while i was at the park with my boys, some hasidic jews made a comment about how packed it was! screw you they have their own ambulances because they think they are too good to use ours well then get your own parks!
don't let me get started! love your blog though!