Saturday, April 24, 2010


So I freakin HATE Lysol.  The smell makes me ill.  It always seems like I can taste the smell of it long after I encounter it.  If someone walks through a room that has been recently sprayed with Lysol, and then I come in contact with them, I can still smell it.
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So I go grocery shopping today.  Nothing big, but we were out of diapers and decided a 'junk food movie party' was in order this evening...can we just say, I blew my diet in one meal!

I get a text from my hubby that I left just in time.  Code Brown!

Fast forward a few hours, grocery shopping done, dinner & movie in progress...we have another code brown (thank you sweet potatoes).  I took the little man to his room and changed him.  About half way through changing him, I start sniffing.  I don't mean sniff sniff...I mean walking around the room all OCD sniffing everywhere trying to figure out where this horrible smell is coming from.  Then suddenly I could taste it...LYSOL!    *hiss & shy away from the smell*  I yell for my hubby...ask if he sprayed something in the room...he said no. I continue to sniff...and sniff...and sniff...and finally realize my face is inches away from "boy parts" and the smell is insanely strong.

I take the boy, donning a onesie and diaper only out to the family room and say "Dude...its his nutssssssssss!  Did you put something on his nuts?!?"  You would have thought I had 3 heads!!  Then he says "No, but I sprayed the changing pad with Lysol after his code brown."

Forget the why.  I don't know why.  I'm fairly certain he explained it but I was already on my way to the nursery to get the baby bath tub.  I could smell the Lysol all over the baby who had just been laying on the tainted changing pad.  Pad cover=washing

So Lysol smell gone...fresh clean baby with a super cute mohawk sitting by my side and half the movie over...I decided to blog rather than try to catch up on humans/aliens and some planet called 51.

I can still taste the Lysol.  I think I need to bathe my mouth.

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Heather said...

I hate Lysol. It's awful. It is even worse as a substitute for baby lotion.

Thanks for dropping by!