Saturday, April 3, 2010

I married the right man

I have had a crazy 2 weeks.  Prepping for and attending a birthing event; which has already produced 4 photo shoots (in under a week!); getting the ball rolling on the final run of my novel before it is released; working on setting up a new photo studio with all new equipment; and doing a handful of tattoos over this weekend to boot!  OH and planning the 1st holiday that I'm hosting at my house; Easter.

You could say its been chaotic!

Last night my husband cooked me an amazing steak dinner.  I love that man, he spoils me.  This morning he got up with little man and let me sleep in, as is usually the case on weekends.  When I woke, he had steak and eggs ready for me for breakfast, my house cleaned, the dishes loaded and get this-LOADED MY WAY (yeah-he didn't put down the flippy thing! YAY!).  He also had the grocery list made up for me and the prescription refills already called into the pharmacy!

Gotta love a man who takes some initiative and helps out!  It's really the little things that make a big difference in your day.  I could have done without the house cleaning and the grocery list, and even the breakfast.  The fact that after reading my blog, he actually made a point to leave the flippy thing up, reminds me of why I love this man.  He cares about the little things.  I pointed out to him that he had not loaded dishes his normal way.  At 1st he sassed me; saying, "I would hate to stop the steak knives from taking over the butter knives' turf!"  Very funny.  But then he said, "If it makes it a little easier for you to do dishes with them loaded this way, I don't mind doing that.  Whatever makes youre life easier is cool with me."

Almost brought a tear to my eye.  Over flippin dishes! 
I hope every day that my single friends will find someone like my husband.  Someone who cares about doing those little things for them.  I'm really truly blessed!  I have a husband who treats me like I walk on water; kids who are the talk of every party and a constant source of compliments from both people we know as well as strangers; a home full of love and peace and trust...I really couldn't ask for more.  (Maybe a bigger house but we're working on that!)

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