Wednesday, April 7, 2010


That's the word I expected to see pop up in a though bubble above my son's head lastnight!
Our 1st attempt at rice cereal, as directed by our doctor at our 4 mo check up today...was a major fail in the eating sense, but a big success as far as making memories!
Moose is hungry all the time!  He was up to eating 5-6 oz of formula every 45 minutes to hour and a half!  At night he would go 2 hours between bottles, maybe 3 if he was REALLY sleeping soundly.

You do the math, that's WAY over the recommended 28-36oz/day!  He's not a chunker though!  Only 50th percentile for weight!  He's also on lactose and soy protein free formula (Alimentum) which is freakin expensive!  We were going through a jar of it every 2 days!   Do the math on THAT...that's $320/mo in formula IF I had $5 Similac checks and IF I remember to take them to the store with me.  UGH!  I just felt palpitations thinking about how much we've spent in 4 months on formula!

We started thickening his bottles a week ago with lactose and soy protein free rice cereal (Earth's Best) and he realy likes it.  That bumped his daily feedings to 6 oz every 3 hours and at night we were getting about 4 hours between bottles.  The doc said that its still way too much formula so its time to start feeding solids.  He's obviously hungry.  She said some babies just process formula faster than others.  He must be one of those babies!  So last night we tried rice cereal for the first's how it went:

Daddy carried the little man to the kitchen for his big meal:

Moose definitely wasn't sure if he liked the idea of a spoon in his face:

Daddy fed him the 1st bite:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...We HATE it!

I think he would prefer to go straight to steak, maybe baked beans (he seemed to like the little bit of juice from baked beans I gave him yesterday)...OOOH or Doritos!  Yeah...somehow "go ahead and start him on rice cereal" translated in my head to "sure!  Go ahead and rub your finger in the Doritos cheese powder and let him suck on that!"

Such is the life of a mother who refuses to follow the rules.  Guess we'll try the rice cereal again...wonder how that would taste with a swirl of mac & cheese sauce in it....


Anonymous said...

Frannie didn't like cereal until 5 months. Now it's ON, with fruits and veggies too. Give him some time.

Anonymous said...

..and please don't put cheese sauce in there. That scares me.

21st C. DG said...

Cheese sauce is a joke. I would never!

dre eraz morow said...

Give it time. Babies seem to not like it at first, but as they get older, they will eat the cereal. Their tummies are fragile, but will soon build up that iron stomach in no time. Hang in there!

PurpleK said...

My niece gives her 5 month old a puffy cheeto to nom on when he's fussy... yeah, it's DH's sid of the family, not mine!