Monday, April 5, 2010

"He used a Sharpie!!"

I can just picture having to say those words to my husband in the future.

So it started.  While being changed after his bath today, my little man realized that he can reach down and grab his 'junk'.  Yes, his "JUNK" ... boy parts ... whatever you want to call it.
Grab it.
Annnnnnnnnnd he thinks it's HYSTERICAL!  I grabs or smacks at it, then laughs!  I was horrified!  And in the split second it took my brain to register what he was doing, all I could hear from somewhere in the recesses of my TV riddled little mind was,


If you just read past that link...go watch it, then come back and read the rest!

So I stood staring, not fully registering what he was doing, until suddenly the Jo Koy saying "Oh God!  He ripped it off!"  Popped into my head.  I threw the diaper on him faster than any diaper has ever been strapped to a baby in the history of the world.  Then I broke out into hysterical laughter! 
We're in big trouble!  Not only is the kid so well endowed that the nurse who assisted in the delivery felt the need to say "Whoa!" and point out his size...but he's obsessed with it already! 

"Hey!  Lets have a boy!" 

Famous last words!

I swear this child is going to make me old way before my time!

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