Monday, April 5, 2010

My gypsy was callin'

Some women go out to clubs and dance, some go to bars and drink, some go to book clubs and other meetings...all in an attempt to have some "me time".

I'm not like some women. 
The road is my "me time".

Tonight, she was at her best.

After dinner out with my 'rents, my hubby took the kids and headed home.  I hit Walgreens for some formula, a magazine, and a Dingo bone for the dog...she loves those.  The ultimate domestic shopping trip.

But when I got in the car to head home the great wide open gave me all it had to give.  I hit the west side of town and the very last street light, and with my windows wide open, cranked the stereo just loud enough to risk blowing the speakers.  The subs pounded, the music roared, the wind whipped around as it can only do when all the windows are down...and then the rain cut loose.  POURING down as hard as it could.  I drove into it 55 (cuz I NEVER speed...yeah...right), singing at the top of my lungs!  The smell of fresh rain, cliche but perfect Boston's "More Than A Feelin" (nothing says freedom like 80's rock...sorry), and purple streaks of lightening slamming down ahead of me to the west.

My gypsy called...No...she screamed!  My husband is a lucky man was hard not to keep driving!

When he gets in the car tomorrow morning, the seat might be a bit wet from the rain :)  He'll live.

Times like this I realize how much I love my family and much I have given into the domestic life...but that thunder is still out there, rolling...I see a road trip in my near future...

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