Monday, May 3, 2010


And good morning to my awesome readers!  *Psssst...that's you!*

So my weekend was full of ups and downs.  Saturday sucked then rocked then sucked then rocked. OH yeah, it was that up and down!

The girlies all saw the eye doc this weekend, 2 of the 3 got new glasses...FANCY FANCY!!  So cute too, one of them picked glasses that are "just like" mine so "we can be twins!"  *UP!*

Little man had the sniffles and just wasn't acting like himself.  I took him into the doc Saturday morning and sure enough, he has a little bit of a virus and COULD be developing an ear infection.  The doc asked me what made me think he might have an ear infection, I told her he was chewing on his teethers way at the back...he's only 5 mo so he shouldn't be cutting molars...she shook her head and said "You are one perceptive woman!"  Yup...Thank you John White-greatest Photojournalism teacher ever...who taught me to never miss anything.  The skills he taught me to watch everything, observe everything and miss nothing have benefited us in ways I can not even begin to tell you, from court to keeping kids safe and healthy, nothing goes undetected!

So antibiotics and back on the nebulizer (only for 3 days) to make sure the drainage doesn't present as an upper respiratory infection like he had before...could be worse but this = *DOWN* no one likes to see their little man sick :(

I hit the flea market with my mama!  *UP!*  This is our monthly mother daughter time and something I wouldn't miss for the world!  The flea market...always great for people watching...but this month was a bomb out month for buying stuff.  Lots of junk not much cool stuff.  The flower/plant people were out but not the guy we like :(  boo!  *DOWN* and our jewelry guy wasn't there either but we did meet this really cool chick from SC who had some awesome jewelry!
The most amazing and weird item we found was this lamp...that's right, I said LAMP:

No, I didn't buy it.  As tempting as it was to have this Southern Belle displayed in my living room, I passed on this opportunity!
I did however find this guy who makes the coolest little lawn & garden decorations!
He uses common household items and welds them (why didn't I think of this?!??!) to look like little bugs and stuff!  Some of his stuff was made out of forks and knives!!  I bought these 2 little cutie pies!

How creative and adorable are those?!  I'm a big fan of a well groomed yard though mine is far from it this spring.  I do love my little lawn chotchkies but promise you, I'm not that person who's place looks like a lawn & garden junk store!
I have mostly cobalt stuff (my fave).  I'm a huge fan of Chihuly but could never in a million years afford to purchase his work.  My mom bought my this sweet glass lawn ornament that is very reminiscent of Chihuly's art:

It goes beautifully with my cobalt blue bird bath!  I'm a bird fan.  I have a beautiful Wren who returns every year to her home just outside my kitchen window.  Last summer she had 3 babies, who flew the coup when we were in Florida on vacation:

Back to my weekend...we had a craptastic note on our door when we got home.  I'll elaborate on that when I have the chance.  It basically said Shirley is as Shirley does and while Shirley knows things are great, Sybil likes to stir up the drama.  Vague I know, but give it time.  *DOWN*
Talked to some people and found out the craptastic note is a fantastic thing for us going forward!  Again, vague...I the about me and you'll see why some things are less than obvious.  So the weekend ended on an *UP* with good news about what we thought would be a very dramatic thing.  

Shopping, docs, new glasses, and more.  I love my time with my family...glad to be back to the grind today, have lots to do this week.  Can't wait for this weekend!  Mother's day is coming up and my bday soon too!!!


Happy Gramma said...

I love those yard decorations.
You have your hands full and i wish you all the best with all of your little munchkins!
I am following from Friday Follow.
Come visit me and enter my drawing for the Mother's Day basket. There are only 4 more hours in the drawing!

The Drama Mama said...

I too love Chihuly's art. SOunds like you had a busy weekend. Can't wait to ready more!

Anonymous said...

I love those little welded insects! And this is the first year I put a bird feeder up, so happy I did too! Love watching them all morning out my front window.
And I am SO waiting to hear the update on the note left and whatever the crazy is up to now. But understand the need for being vague.