Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers and Mayhem

I'll be the 1st to admit I've been neglecting my poor blog and all my lovely readers.  Life has been...well...weird to say the least.  If you actually read the about me section of the blog, then you know that our family is a complicated blended one.  We have had a lot going on lately with court, crazy fraudulent accusations, and an assortment of BSC which has taken up quite a bit of time.  Every time I think things are slowing down, they heat back up again!

In the last 48 hours I have had a kick ass Mother's day...as much so as one can when you're sick with other sickies in the house, almost killed myself...literally..., and found out I overdrew my bank account by almost $700!!! It's cool...I got the bank thing fixed.  How do you forget you wrote a check that big?!?  And thank God for small banks because all it took was a little arm twisting to get the NSF fees replaced.  PHEW!

So lets go back.  The day before Mother's Day was ok.  I have a horrid sinus infection (damn crossing military blockades and getting gram negative bacteria, and EBV, and ending up with chronic sinusitis...).  I am the sinus infection queen.  The kids brought home a virus from school and have been playing pass it around for 2 weeks.  Each took their turn...our little man ended up back on the nebulizer just as a precaution after his huge round with bronchiolitis this past winter.  SOoooooooooo I sat all sickly on Saturday, going through decorating magazines and clippings that I have collected over the years and decorated the house I want to buy in my head.
Sunday I ditched church *GASP!* yeah yeah...stayed home with one kiddo on the couch still feeling crappy, the baby boy who by this time was feeling MUCH better...and myself locked in imaginary house decorating land.  After church with the other 2 kids, my hubby picked up some food for our lunch and stopped by his parents to pick up some lovely gifts for me, a willow tree statue and gorgeous necklace.

We hung out all afternoon and just had a great time.  I was spoiled rotten and showered with art projects, letters and a Flip Video!!! YAY!!

The weekend drew to a nice close.  Monday morning.  Ugh.
I started laundry and upon removing the pack n play sheet, realized that there was some orange liquidy stuff dried in the cracks of the mattress.  Once I got the wash started I grabbed my choice of cleaning products (Clorox Clean Up-I use it for everything) and headed off to scrub the pack n play mattress.  About 3 squirts in I realized the bleach smell was probably too strong for little man and took him out to his exersaucer in the family room.  Then back to the room.  The smell went from bad to worse and way more pungent than bleach. NO IT WAS NOT PEE...I know not to mix urine and bleach.  So as I'm scrubbing I start feeling weird and then seeing stars.  I stood up and almost passed out.  I got the windows open, fan on and out of the room as fast as I could.  Before I knew it, my throat, nose and chest felt like I had breathed in and swallowed razors!
It hurt to breath, I was coughing so hard I couldn't stop, and still was struggling to maintain consciousness.

As it turns out, stomach bile does the same thing as urine...when mixed with bleach it creates ammonia gas.
Little man had thrown up in the night the week before.  I was holding him when it happened and sort of aimed him down onto the dog's bed.  The dog bed had been washed the next morning, but I didn't realize that a little bit had gotten projectiled onto the corner of the pack n play and run down under the sheet and onto the mattress.  Gross!  I called the docs office just to make sure I didn't need to be seen by someone and found out that not only can bile and urine do that, but so can a host of other fluids...including dried up beer!  Who knew?!?

So Monday brought a brush with death.  Stupid death.

I was ordered to take it easy, mostly by friends and family...not so much the docs office who said I would be fine as long as I didn't present any breathing problems later in the day (I didn't).
I thought about it, and decided, why take it easy.  What better time to fly through life getting things done than just after almost dying?!
Besides, I now had a predicament.  Where would my little co-sleeper sleep?!?  The mattress was out in the middle of the front yard and no stores carry just the pack n play mattresses alone.  Graco said 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Seriously Graco...that's a little ridiculous.

The hubs had to work late.  I mean 17 hour day late.  After dinner, my youngest 2 hung and watched tv.  Yes, my baby watches tv sometimes.  Judge away but the boy LOVES wrestling...lots of lights and colors and fireworks!  It's like baby crack.
So as I was saying, baby crack on tv, the older 2 were my union crew chiefs.  They observed and 'assisted' as I removed the door from the nursery, removed the door jam from the nursery, and proceeded to move furniture and all sorts of things out of the way as I drug the crib from Moose's room to our room ONLY to find that there's not enough room at the end of the bed to squeeze the crib past it.  So what did I do...I picked the crib up and lifted it up and over the bed.  I earned the title of "world's strongest mom" in the process.  So the Moose bed is in our room, and we're good to go!

So you can see how things got too busy to blog.  Blogging isn't life.  Life and family are life.  Thank God mine are back to normal now!


Overthinking Mama said...

LOL. you sound about like me.. you get something in your head to do.. and you do it.. even if you gotta take doors off and move things around..

Glad you had a good moms day...

and thats good to know about the bleach and "fluids" i never would have known that if it werent for you... i might have almost died :-) thank you for saving me...

:-) have a great day!

Bethany said...

Following from FF Love the blog cant wait to read more. Hope you can follow me back
Confessions of Me: One Crazy Mom


The Drama Mama said...

Oh wow that's an awesome mom tip. I didn't even know that you couldn't mix bleach and urine. It's not a huge worry of mine though, since I am allergic to bleach anyway.

Glad you had a good mom's day, and I hope things get back to normal for you.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I feel stupid, I have never heard of the fluids and bleach, especially urine! WOW! That would have been SO freaking scary. Glad everything turned out ok for you.

You Mother's Day sounded wonderful, glad you had a good one!