Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I suck at blogging the last few weeks!

I would like to start this out by saying thank you to Orkin.  Who's employee banged on my front door this morning like he was the freakin' SWAT team here to rescue little Elian!  His senseless pounding sent my 100 lb baby into a territorial furry waking the 17 lb baby who had been napping for a whole 10 minutes, thus sending him into a world of pissed off 5 month old that I have never before witnessed!  The last hour has been fantastic.  I appreciate it.

Stupidity runs rampant around me, or so it seems.
Remember the story about how the bug guy had an issue with this:

Yeah well today was bug spray day...thus the rescue squad entrance to my home.  Because ya know...its important for the bugs to be intimidated by him when he gets here...

Well I knew he was coming so I specifically covered the twins up a little more than normal.  Half way through him spraying, I realized I was not going to get Moose to stop screaming so in a desperate attempt to quiet him I got out a bottle and threw it in the microwave...yeah, I microwave...so what?!?  
The guy comes down the stairs and says, "Oh, you don't breastfeeding the baby?"  

How do you even respond to something like that knowing his normal eye contact issue?
I wanted to say, "Eww you Can't-keep-your-eyes-off-my-rack-perv, what business is it of yours?!?"

But the PC side of me decided that was probably not going to do me any favors in the way of a good bug barrier.
So instead I stared for a second and then said, "Uhm..." and got up and walked away.
I KNOW...I KNOW!  The queen of confrontation walked away.  Honestly if I had thought of something to say I would have but I drew a blank.

I did however decide that we have crossed the line from creepy bug guy to way out of line and just not cool.  I made a call to their main office after he left and asked if they have had any issues of inappropriate behavior with this guy.  The office lady was, uhm...how should I put it...less than friendly.  Really?!?  You're going to be a bitch to me because your employee has a serious perv problem?
I tried to be nice.  I really did.  But when she told me that I might be misreading him and that I should "Make myself scarce when he comes, or just leave my house open for him and go somewhere." that was the end of it!

I said, "Wait wait wait!  You're telling me that you want me to leave my house and let your guy just let himself in and out.  The same guy who in December, came out unannounced 2 weeks earlier than our scheduled treatment, was turned away by my husband because I had JUST come home from the hospital with our newborn THAT DAY...then returned to your office and told you guys he had treated our house and had you run my credit card to the tune of $74 for a spray job HE HADN'T DONE...??!  And you want me to trust him ALONE in my house?!?  You're out of your mind.  Not to mention his inability to focus on the spiders and silverfish because he can't keep his eyes off my chest is NOT my problem...it's YOURS.  If he was my employee, I would be a little bit apologetic to my customers and offer to take care of the problem; not suggest they 'make themselves scarce'.  It's not like I'm prancing around in a bikini when he's here, I was wearing a sweatshirt!"
Then I demanded to talk to her supervisor.  Who apparently doesn't exist.  I don't know.  I gave up.  
Call it lack of sleep, call it lack of interest.  I told her I either want a new service tech or for someone to basically tell this guy to keep his mouth shut and eyes to himself.  I'm not his girlfriend, I'm a customer.  

What ever happened to customer service.  To caring about your customer being happy and not insulted or made uncomfortable by your employee.  I will admit that at my last job I was the 1st one to stick up for my guys but they weren't schmucks...well some of them were but not the ones I stuck up for.  Companies don't care anymore about if people are happy with them or not, there's always some other sucker out there that will deal with it and keep paying them so F the ones who aren't happy-they're just a PIA anyway.

Unbelievable.  Suffice it to say, when we move to our new place, I will be contracting my insect genocide with someone else.


The Bipolar Diva said...

I can't believe that the office did that! If one of our employess had done that they would have been terminated on the spot, probably with their own can of bug spray, well in our case maybe a nail gun.

litanyofbritt said...

The hell? It like they don't teach manners in genocide school anymore.

Amanda said...

Did you call their corporate office? Or just the local main office? I would not rest until heads rolled. There is so much wrong with this situation!

In the VERY least, file a complaint with the BBB...

21st C. DG said...

I just called the number on the invoice, so probably the local office. I don't want to get the guy in TOO much trouble, he's cut us a couple really good deals in the last few years...he charges us $30 per service less than what corporate quoted us because we've been customers for so long, but I'm pretty fed up with the gawking and comments.

The Drama Mama said...

I know what you mean. Customer service really has gone down the tubes lately.

Chrissy said...

uhmmm... do you have a contract with them? I would be switching to a different company. Even if I had to pay some extra $... that's creepy.