Thursday, May 20, 2010

Josh Thompson - Way Out Here

To say that I've come under fire from friends and foes in the past regarding my decision to embrace my redneck side and move to the middle of nowhere (hopefully soon to be even MORE middle of nowhere) and a town of 800 with nothing more than a gas station, hair salon, 2 churches and soon to be opened-a understating things a bit.

Everything from the usually poking and prodding to straight up being accused of turning my kids into redneck hicks has been throw at me. It doesn't bother me. I love life out here. It's so simple. Things get done, no one is afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. We don't expect other people to carry us, pay our way, or cater to us. We don't feed off the system, we don't beg for help. We roll up our sleeves, we dig our hands into the dirt, and we hold our own.

I am proud to say that my kids are growing up learning how to support themselves, learning about agriculture and it's importance, learning about animals, learning about God. I am proud that they live in a town where some people (not me but some others) don't lock their doors because it's safe. I am proud that they go to a school where everyone knows everyone no matter what grade their in because its a small school. I am proud that of all stupid things-they know train and railroad safety because there's a train running through our town. I am proud that they will grow up knowing how to run a tractor, ride a dirt bike, fix a car, knowing the difference between a 4 wheel drive and a 2 wheel drive and the difference between a gas motor and a diesel. I am proud that they know the words to "Red Neck Woman" and "Amarillo Sky" and half the songs on KLOVE Radio.

Thank God they will be able to hold their heads high. Walk proudly. Stand their ground.
Some might call me a redneck. I call us Born & Bred Americans.

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