Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

Someone smack me!  There is no way another whole year is gone!!!

I've always thought that time moves quickly but this past year seems to have passed by in a blink.  I have being sappy but it's hard not to be when I sit quietly in my grandmother's glider in my dining room and rock my not-so-baby boy and listen to my girls giggle and joke upstairs.  The places we have been and the things we have been through in the short time we have been's enough to make you stop and thank God for his blessings.

Every day my family grows stronger, closer, and happier.  Trials and tribulations...PFFFT!  Baby, drama and stupidity are a cake walk...crazies and unstable people can be dealt with...nothing rattles this cage.

In 7 short days I will be celebrating the day that my husband walked back into my life...get this...5 years ago!  FIVE YEARS AGO!  I can't even describe how fast those 5 years have gone!  2006, you rocked my world in some serious and intense ways by bringing my baby back around.  2007, you rocked my world by making me an insta-mom and tying the knot between me and the hubs.  2008, you were hardcore...full of major dramatic and life changing events, loss of loved ones but also commitments made as a family.  2009, shit...where do I start with you?  A vacation that opened little eyes to more than just the world closest to them, a baby...A BABY!  A BAAAAAAAABY!  Yeah, I said I never wanted kids.  Can't imagine my life without them now!  And then there's you dear were a year of firsts over and over.  In with the cries of a sweet little one just after the stroke of midnight, and wrapping up today with nothing but laughter and joy in this home.

So bring on 2011!  I'm locked and loaded and ready for whatever comes my way.
Sap over.  :)  Happy and Safe New Year to you all!

~21st CDG


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