Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What makes a Domestic Goddess

Face it ladies, today's world doesn't make it easy for us to be all we can be!
The life of the domestic goddess isn't what it was back in the 50's and 60's!

The days of Joan Clever are long gone.  We aren't just cooks, maids, and mommies anymore.  We hold down the fort.  We run our own businesses, we travel in packs, we take names and kick ass.  The standards we live up to in the 21st Century leave good old Beaver's mama in the dust. 

I'm a domestic goddess.  Hell yes, I am! 

I cook and clean and run kids around.  I entertain and balance our budget.  I run myself stupid from 7am to 9pm and somehow find a few minutes in there for me.  And I damn sure keep my husband happy, because God knows no domestic goddess could ever let her man stray!

Welcome to the 21st Century Domestic Goddess.  A semi-coherant gathering of all the things it takes to be the very best Domestic Goddess you can be.  (Or at least some snarky commentaries on what people THINK it takes...)

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