Saturday, March 13, 2010

PETA is the new Einsatzgruppen

During the days of the Holocaust, the Einsatzgruppen was essentially a mobile killing squad.  While their tasks included collecting documents and papers from every area the Nazi army invaded; their main job was to follow closely behind the invading army foundations (Wehrmacht), ordering Jewish and non-Jewish to assemble for deportation out of town.  Any opposing forces would be hunted down.  The Einsatzgruppen would take the Jews out into rural areas, woods, or into large buildings.  Often they would be confined prior to being killed.  The deathrates from starvation and malnutrition were extremely high.  Many of the victims were forced to dig mass graves prior to being shot and dumped into said graves. 
The Einsatzgruppen was also well known for their gas vans.  These mobile vehicles were used to euthanize victims.  The vehicles had air tight compartments in which victims were placed and gassed, usually with carbon monoxide.  They were used most highly at Chelmno extermination camp, but were available for use by the Einsatzgruppen during their invasion of the Soviet Union.

I'm not a psycho animal person.  I love my pets and would rescue more given the financial resources and room in my house...but I also own and proudly (and warmly) wear my mink coat during the winter.  I love my leather boots and I eat meat...all types of meat...deer, bear, bison, whatever.  I just wanted to put that out there before I went any further.  After the "save the puppies" posts and then this one...I didn't want any confusion.

Now I told you the Einsatzgruppen story so I could tell you this story:

In 2005 a g'vomitous news story hit stands.  Two PETA employees were charged with 31 felony counts of cruelty after authorities found the bodies of 18 animals that PETA had supposedly JUST rescued, tossed in a dumpster.  13 more bodies were found in a "euthanasia van" owned by and registered to PETA.

PETA owns "euthanasia vans"?!?!?! Brother in a time warp say WHAAAAAA???? (Sorry Miley, I HAD TO!)

An investigation soon showed that many of PETA's euthanised animals were healthy, and in some cases already up for adoption at shelters or vet clinics when they were "rescued" by the organization...only to be taken to the parking lot of the shelter they were just taken from, and then euthanized immediatley!

Excuse me for a moment...ok...I just threw up in my mouth a little!

USDA documents showed that PETA consistantly kills between 88% and 97% of the animals it "rescues" each year.  *Jaw on floor*
I knew these people were psycho...I just never knew they were psycho KILLERS!!!

Sadly the cruelty charges were dropped because the animals were euthanized via lethal injection-a legal means to dispatch unwanted pets.  Charges for tresspassing and illegal disposal of animal carcasses stuck.  A smack in the hand if you ask me!  PETA's statement on this event:  it was compassionate and necessary.

Yeah.  Necessary.  Necessary to take a mother cat and her kittens from a vet clinic where you KNOW someone will adopt; at minimum, the kittens...and take them to your van and kill them, then dump them in a dumpster!  WHACKOS!

Recent numbers were just released showing that in 2009, PETA "rescued" 2360 animals.  8 were adopted out to families. 
Let me say that again...8 WERE ADOPTED OUT TO FAMILIES...8....8....8!  Has that sunk in yet?  2,352 animals "rescued" by PETA were euthanized in 2009.  Over 90% of thier "rescues" were killed!

The website states,
"PETA should be reclassified from an animal rights organization to a slaughterhouse."
I say:  AMEN!  These people who jump on stage at runway shows to tackle models who work with furiers; these people who fling red paint on civilian's fur coats; are the same ones who kill 90% of the animals they claim to rescue during the year.  WOW. 

To make this story even more 2009, the same year, PETA reported over $31 million in revenue, and $19 million in assets!  Why are they putting animals down?!?  Groups like HELP and TAILS take donations of food to make sure they can continue to feed their rescues, but PETA who has more money than they could ever need to feed under 3000 animals over the course of a year, puts them down?!?  ASININE!

The numbers digust me!  Thanks to my friend Jan for pissing me off bad enough this morning with a link to's articles on PETA, that I felt I needed to blog about it. 
PETA, you whackadoodles need to get your heads checked.  Stop Goose-stepping around acting like you're for the animals.  You sickos are just psycho serial killers with a license to get away with it!  SIEG HEIL ya bitches!  You disgust me.

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Brianne said...

That makes me SICK. I just can't understand how they could murder those animals! Especially the adopted ones!