Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It happened to me!

It's official.  I can no longer pass judgement on the pregnancy board posts that say "He fell off the bed..." well, I mean, I CAN...but I will be less likely to. 
NO, he didn't fall off the bed...Lord, I wouldn't leave him any place where that could happen.  I feel off the bed when I was an infant.  My mom, whom I adore, said she heard every little bone in my body rattle and the sound made her sick to her stomache.  I am overly cautious about bed safety as a result of that.

That being said...my son is apparently developing stomache muscles faster than I gave him credit for.  While bumping (for those of you non-bumpees...thebump.com is a pregnancy/parenting website that is as addictive as hell!  Bumping=screwing around on that site.
So...while bumping this afternoon with my son on my knee, the boy PITCHED himself forward and *WHACK*!  Smacked his little noodle right on the corner of the desk. 

My son is not a crier.  He only cries if he's hungry or has horrible gas/reflux going on.  He SCREAMED bloody murder.  His entire head went bright red-which made it most difficult to see where the injury was, and when I went to hug him, in all his almost 4 month old sass...he pushed my face away!! 

*que mommy tears*

After a few minutes of cuddling him, he did settle down...but that was it for me for the night.  I know accidents happen but not on my watch!  Ask anyone I know...out of 100 kid injuries like 1/2 of an injury might occur on my watch.  Safety frickin first!  And here I am, holding my sobbing, moaning child, who's sobbing and moaning because Mama had her head up her ass while replying to a post about baseball...yeah...it was yours Melissa!

SOOOOOOOO in typical me fashion, I took him outside and had my husband take him for a ride on the dirt bike.  (So much for safety 1st...but that's technically Daddy's watch...)

This was the icing on a cake.  Let me just give you a run down of the rest of my day:

The dog went to the vet.  Her eyes are all screwy.  Red puffiness we've been fighting for going on 2 years now.  They have no idea what it is.  We have tried, OFFICIALLY, all but ONE ointment option and ONE antihistamine (both of which I picked up today).  If this last feeble attempt doesn't work, they want us to take her to...get this...A DOGGIE OPTHALMOLOGIST!!!!  :headdesk:

Went to the grocery!  Took a list.  YES I remembered my list!  A seldom used, but all together effective technique.  I bought salad dressing, croutons, cherry tomatoes, bacon bits...I FORGOT THE F'ING SALAD!  I also forgot the ONLY required ingredient that I don't have for tomorrow night's dinner.  SO MUCH FOR A LIST.  Apparently they only work if you READ them. 

Dinner would have been nice, if I could have tasted it after giving myself 3rd degree burns of the tongue and mouth roofage while testing it.

Last but not least, something smelled in the kitchen.  We had a pipe rupture last fall, didn't know about it because it was between the old main floor and the floated floor.  Leaked for a few months before we found out-smelled bad when water would run through it.  Had to have a mold remediation crew and 2 different construction crews spend almost 3 months fixing it!! UHG!!!  Best part is I was 8 mo pregnant at the time.  Awesome!  So something smelled in the kitchen today.  Same area!  HOLY FREAK OUT TIME!
Turns out it was the garbage.  I uhm...threw a poop diaper in there yesterday, and that combined with some food thing one of the kids threw out, were the culprits.  THANK THE LORD!

So It happened to me...my son got hurt on my watch.  He's sleeping in my arms as I type.  I obviously learned nothing from this experience.  Glad to know it had such a profound impact on me.  Sleep deprivation is just rocking my world!

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