Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Epic Shopping Therapy

There are days that you go shopping and find squat...and then there are days like yesterday.

I hit the town with my Mama to celebrate her completing National Boards and to do some much needed shopping therapy.  DSW was a must.  My recent blog posts and FB statuses have been chalked full of one liners from Boondock Saints II.  Great movie.  And Eunice Bloom has impecible taste...especially in shoes!
Case & point:

Her red bottom stiletto heels were flat out fantastic.  I had to own some.

A shopping trip later, I am the proud owner of a pair of 5" Steve Maddens with peep toes.
Not exactly the Bloom special but my God are the spectacular! 

Yup.  Delish!  I tower over my husband by almost 3 inches with these on!  Hello tall woman fantasy!
I do have to admit, they're more comfy than expected and I LOVE being 6'1"!
I think I may have to wear these when I do my spring cleaning this week!  Eliminate the need for a step stool! HAH!

What trip would be complete without a little noshing on grub?  We hit Noodles and Co. for some Pasta Fresca and Penne Rosa.  They really need one of these places out by me!  I can't wait to get completely out of this hick town and back to civilization.  Yeah, I'm going to miss the people we met and the laid back life style...I'm going to miss flying around town at 45 on my dirt bike and the cops not caring...I'm going to miss seeing people ride horses down my street (although I won't miss the giant shit pile the horse left by our yard).  But man, to be close to restaurants and docs offices and such and to double our square footage!  BRING ON THE MOVING BOXES!  Actually-they will be here tomorrow!

I finished the shopping trip off with some cute FLAT sandals, a few outfits for the kids thanks to the Gap's 30% off and Leukemia donation sale.

There is no therapy like shopping therapy when it comes to easing a woman's stresses. 
Gotta love a man who stays home, takes care of 4 kids, does 3 loads of laundry, all the dishes, and when you get home you find this:

OH yes, he's vacuuming...and so sexy doing it!

So as spring nears, the flea market reopens, the roads are less icy (not that ice ever stopped me) and the birds are singing...another year of epic mommy shopping begins with a bang and a super successful day.  Thanks to my mother in law (who totally wont approve of the heels) for a DSW gift card which helped ease my buyers remorse.

Until next time-go find some amazing shoes!

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