Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holy Moldy Batman!

Alright, not really moldy...I keep my house (fridge included) pretty clean...but WOW. 
Today was refridgerator cleaning day!

I hate that day!  Its the day that I go from "Wow I have no room for anything else in here!" to "Wow I have been neglecting my shopping duties...we have no freakin food!" in a matter of minutes.

Last night I was literally having trouble finding room for my little one's overnight bottles, and as of this afternoon there are 3 pkgs of shredded cheese (one for tonight's dinner), 3 gallons of milk (those never last long), a few packages of cold meat, some veggies, and a door full of condiments.
Now that's not to say we have no chest freezer is packed full, but man!  I could fit a body in my fridge. 
*stares off into space in contemplation of said idea...*

Speaking of bodies in fridges...(how often do you get to use that segway?!?) on the way home from taking my youngest step daughter to school, I passed a fridge on the side of the road...laying doors down...with what appeared to be fabric coming out of it.  I made a call to the police non-emergency number and let them know it was there and that it could be a hazard if any kids decided to upright it and play in it...but yeah...creepy!

Back to my cleaning...

I have disposed of more ziplock containers of left overs than I care to disclose.  Multiple containers of home made dips & snacks from a party last weekend.  Half of a cake left over from my oldest's bday (ewww-that was a week and a half old!) and about 5 opened and half consumed sticks of butter; which for some reason, the idea of eating after they've been open on plates in the fridge and melted partially at least once-just grosses me out.

I would move onto the pantry but I'm afraid that it would eat me.  It was organized once upon a time...then I was put on bedrest for a month and a half...then I had a baby via hardcore major c-section...then my baby had some issues...and here we are today...pantry completely disheveld and me blogging instead of organizing.  Such is life! 

I have a matter of minutes until Moose wakes up, at which point he will undoubtedly require food IMMEDIATELY lest he should have to wail like a fire truck...after which I will likely take more adorable pictures of him (must do St. Patty's day pics!) and then have bath time! YAY!

Cleaning the fridge...yet another not so pleasant domestic job I love to hate...
Could be worse...ask my mom.  Note to everyone reading...NEVER EVER unplug an old fridge and let it sit for a few days before you move it.  If (God Forbid) any meat had at some point leaked in its package...and perhaps run down along the groves where the shelves fit in...and perhaps been undetectable and frozen as said old fridge liked to run too cold and freeze things at the back...and you let said fridge sit for a few days...the smell will be HORRIBLE!  Le Barf!

That's your public service announcement for today.

Happy House-keeping!

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