Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is that thing in the corner?

Kids are in is sleeping (probably not a good thing...) and I'm waiting on a client.  Guess its a good time to blog! 

Although as I sit here, I realize that if I slide my seat to the left a little and look down the hall I can see this monster rising up in the corner of my mud room.  Remember Fraggle Rock?  The Trash Heap Monster?!?  This thing in my corner somewhat resembles that!

No its not garbage...its the dreaded L word!  LAUNDRY!!!  Laundry was something I skillfully avoided even into my college years.  I lived at home, and my mom would (because she's a saint) do my laundry for me as long as I brought it down to the laundry room on laundry day!  How awesome is that!  Even after my husband and I moved in here, I did very little laundry.  (It only takes turning one white "In & Out Burger" shirt pink to convince a guy that maybe he is more suited for that job!)

But once I accepted this position of Stay at Home/Work at Home mom, the laundry became one of my jobs.  BOO!

I hate it.  Hate it.  Hate it.  Hate it!  It never ends.  It just multiplies and compounds and spreads and takes over.  If I go even ONE day without running a load or 2, it gets so out of hand that it takes me over an hour to fold everything.  Now I know that I don't HAVE to fold it...that's what kids are for!  But they have enough stuff to worry about with school and homework.  I bring it down, wash & dry, fold and return the basket to the upstairs...they put it away.

With 6 people in this house it just seems out of control.

One day worth of laundry =

a minimum of 5 pairs of underware (thankfully only one of us is wearing bras right now...but another one of us is getting VERY close to needing some training ones!  YIKES!)
6 pairs of pants (9 if the kids come home and change into play clothes)
5 pajamas pants
5 pajama shirts
6 shirts (again 9 if the kids come home and change into play clothes)
12 socks
A handful of sweatshirts
6 bath towels
12 washcloths
Not to mention the baby's clothes have to be run separate...and throw in there a few burp cloths, blankets that got diaper leakage on them, probably one random change of clothes for him due to diaper leakage and one swaddling blanket because my lovin hubby tends to use those as burp cloths if one isn't close when he's feeding the little guy.
And I'm sure I'm forgetting something obvious...

So you can see how it piles up. 

We DGs have a never ending job with laundry!  And forget folding it!  IF you are lucky enough to get time to do it without the baby crying and the kids needing something and the dog not running through your piles with muddy paws...half the time you end up with the wrong kids' stuff in the wrong piles!  "MOOOOOOOM!!  That isn't MINE!!"

But its all part of the job, isn't it!

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Ok ladies...I'm off to fold some laundry!!!

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