Friday, March 19, 2010

"Here's Your Sign"

This week's news has been full of stupid humans.  I am constantly shocked (although I suppose I shouldn't be) at how dumb people act!

Case #1:  Man sticks baby in oven and leaves it there overnight (don't worry he didn't turn it on!)

The short version:  guy gets high on LSD laced marijuana and drunk on whiskey, hallucinates, puts baby in oven instead of crib, goes to bed (left oven door part way open, and didn't turn it on - THANK GOD!) and doesn't realize this until he hears baby crying in the morning. 

Where to start?
Hmmm how bout this...DONT SMOKE LSD LACED MARIJUNANA, or any for that matter.  Sorry I'm not a pro-pot person.  And/or don't drink an entire bottle of whiskey!  And if you DO choose to do said activities, make sure the other adult in the house isn't already passed out drunk...leaving NOONE to care for baby!  What a waste of oxygen...and perfect example of why I believe in forced sterilization!

I DO give the guy a TINY bit of credit for calling an ambulance to have the baby checked out once he realized what he had done.  Despite his epic stupidity, there was some concern there for the child.  He also checked himself into a center to get help...again, some small credit for not only seeing that he had a problem but also admitting to it and getting help. 

Case #2 Jesse Freakin James...YOU STUPID ASS!
You had a gorgeous, funny, stabile woman who HELPED YOU GET CUSTODY OF YOUR CHILD!!!!  You threw it out for some trashy, white supremesist, fetish stripper?!?  Oooooooooooooooooh she judges!  The broad, who obviously knew about Sandra, sold the story of her 11 month affair for $30,000.00!!!  She uses her son's name as her stripper stage name-DISGUSTING!!  HELL YES, I JUDGE! 
And Jesse, COME ON!  Bullock stood by your side as you fought the Blink 182 nurse to save your child from a druggy mom who slept all day and left your kid unattended!  She stopped working so she could be home with you and the kids because of the drama and because things were so bad!  She deserves better.
Jesse's attorney stated "Mr. James' sole concern is for the safety, welfare and best interests of his daughter."  Really?  Was shackin up with nazi girl in the best interest of your daughter?  Cuz the way I see it, the only stabile woman she had in her life (Yeah, that would be Sandra) is now out of her life!  WAY TO GO!

On a personal level, Jesse's ex disgusts me.  Her claims that she is "the best mother I can be" and statements that Jesse and Bullock should "come over and sit down for dinner so we can talk" make me throw up in my mouth a little.  Too close to home.  Ya know what, its simple.  If the best mother you can be is one who passes out f'ed up and leaves your kids alone-then youre NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  End of story.  Give up custody, go to rehab, play in traffic, I don't care but that is not an acceptable way to raise children.  And come on, 'sit down to dinner'.  ACK.  That's like sending a box of pans with the teflon scratched off, picture frames missing the glass, and bath towels with stains on them to your ex and his new wife and claiming that you're "giving them household items to help them start their new life".  We don't live in a cardboard box, I prefer NICE THINGS, please don't use us as your garbage can.  Although, the cookie jars & vases made great shooting targets!  False kindness is grotesque and obnoxious.


No contest if you ask me.  Yeah there can be a certain something sexy about SOME tattooed women...sorry "Bombshell" ain't got it!

I don't care what your reasoning is; as a mom I have NO sympathy...I repeat NO SYMPATHY, for anyone who's stupidity or ego gets the better of them when children are involved.

If you choosing drugs and whiskey over caring for your child; you are a loser and if you lose custody I don't feel bad for you for a second.
If you choosing to have an affair and run off your child's caring stepmother; don't cry later about how hard it is being a single dad and how it hurt your child to lose obviously didn't care a bit about whether losing her stepmom would hurt her or not.
It goes this way all over the place.  Disturbing examples of the human race put themselves before their kids, their desires before their kids, their need to try to hurt others before their kids. 
A person's love for their child should be more important than anything; definitely more than making a bitchy comment about someone's weight.

No question my love for my step kids has kept my teeth clamped tightly down on my tongue for years.  That's why my husband loves me, well part of it.  That and because "I am so fvcking smart that I make smart people feel like they are retarded!"  (Anyone know what movie that's from?)  There is nothing I can say to those that grasp desperately at causing problems, that would make me feel any better than it does knowing that my stepkids are safely in our care.  Yup.  I'm wearin' my big girl panties.  *pat myself on the back*
Breaks my heart that more people don't seem to have a pair of those in their drawers. 

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