Monday, March 8, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen-Direct your attention to the High Wire!!!!

Today is one of those days!
*Busts out the uni-cycle, little dog in a clown hat, and balancing rod*
My to do list is a MILE long!  Maybe longer! 
Groceries, faxing stuff, business work to do, applications to fill out, boxes to pack & unpack, plus the usual: laundry/dishes/run the vacuum, etc. is my son's 3 month birthday!  The mommy in me wants to just cuddle him all day.  The photographer in me wants to just shoot pics of him all day.  The DG in me knows that I have to get all the other junk done...I hate days like today!  Up with the sun, off on the run!

Kids are in school and while the little man sleeps...and I SHOULD be running the vacuum...I am blogging.  Go figure.

So though duty calls, I'm balancing out some ME time!  NO worries though...I will get the house cleaned, the laundry run, dishes washed and dinner started (because frankly if I didn't, I'd be reminiscent of my husband's last wife...nooooooooo good-a!).

***   ***   ***   ***   Insert long break from computer here  ***   ***   ***   ***  

After much deliberation and some time away from this post, I shot some pics of the kiddo AAAAAAAAAAnd got the laundry run, dishes run, and house vacuumed.  Dinner isn't started but the hubby is buried in a virtual graveyard of trailers that should have been demo'd long ago but keep being re-chestered back to he won't be home for a while.  Dinner can wait!  That's why God created the "After School Snack" (please note, I said that out loud-with a deep booming voice while imaging heavenly music playing in the background).  PHEW! 

I should be wiped out but I've been main lining coffee & Mt Dew!  So check out a couple of pics from my shoot session with Moose while I get back to getting things done before my love gets home!

OK ladies!  I'm off to balance a LITTLE bit more before Big Daddy gets home!  LATER!

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