Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue Baby Syndrome

Ever just feel like you need a change?
It happened to me!
So I went red.  :)

My husband says it's the Heat Miser in me just wishing for the sun to come back out and bake us all to death. He could be right.  I'm dying for warm weather!

The Heat Miser in me really just needed some heat here in the house.  Sometimes the best thing to to raise your winter spirits is spend a day with your husband, having him keep you warm...if ya know what I mean.  My nice day with my husband yesterday was brought to you courtesy of something interesting called Acrocyanosis.  Yeah, my baby turned blue.  What the fuck!?  You wanna talk about heart attack time??  That's it!
The other evening Moose man's hands, feet, and lips went blue.  I don't mean a little blue, I mean fucking Avatar blue.  Out of NOWHERE!  One minute he's chowin on some pot roast and please note:  NOT CHOKING, the next minute he's turning blue and again please note:  STILL not choking...he's giggling and acting normal and I'm stroking out because I'm sure he's dying.

I call the pediatrician she says to get to the ER.  Great.  I was so hoping she would have some miracle explanation for seemingly normal behavior and a blue baby.  So with that in mind we head for the hospital closest to use.  Uhm, yeah.  I've bitched about them before.  I dash off to the ER with full diaper bag including my contact case, glasses, and make up; assuming that we would have to stay because of RSV or some other baby shit...rush in the door, the lady at the check in notes his blue hands and says someone will be with me in a minute.  A minute.  A m i n u t e.  That's a load of shit if I've ever heard one.  My baby is fucking blue, well, his hands and feet are...and he's NOT cold...and I sit.  And I sit.  And I sit.  And I sit.  Now...let me just state that the only reason I wasn't screaming and kicking was because he was obviously not in any type of respiratory distress...he was babbling, giggling, and playing with me.

After over an hour of sitting and playing, his color had gone back to normal.  This pleased the Mama.  Finally they triage us, his pulse ox is 100%.  YAY!  But now I'm confused.  My baby was blue...his pulse ox is fine.  OMG he must have a heart problem!   The triage nurse goes out to the little doc lobby and I can hear her saying she doesn't see any reason to make us a priority.  Fucking great.  This hospital doesn't know how to spell priority much less make someone one.  2 more hours pass with us sitting in the main waiting room, where our wonderful triage nurse banished us to, and finally the doc will see us.
The first words out of his mouth:
"Well, he's not blue now."  !@#$%^&* NO SHIT?!??  He was when we got here three fucking hours ago!!!
A quick check over and the doc sits down.  He explains to me that there's something called Acrocyanosis.  Uhm he says "acro" my brain hears "necro"...I'm picturing a very tiny pine box.  Alas, I'm clueless.  Acrocyanosis is the random bluing of skin because of blood being shunted to another area of the body.  It happens most often in babies ages 12-18 months (Moose is 13 months) and is most visible in babies of the Casper/Powder race...aka my German/Irish/English little man who's skin is so fair you can see veins through it like little roads on a map.
After over a half hour of me asking questions we determine that it was either Moose being cold or Moose's system shunting blood to his belly because he ate a huge meal and his body probably said "Hey, let's get this food digested quickly!"  What a load of horseshit that they don't tell parents stuff like this BEFORE they lose their minds, age 15 years, and have to dye their hair to cover the grays that somehow magically appeared instantly!  I could still nut bust the doc we saw for his statement "If he turns blue again tonight, just bring him back here."  Why?  So we can sit for 3 hours before you look at him and you can tell me there's nothing you can do about it since he's no longer blue.  Thanks.  I'll pass.

On another note:

I've been busting my balls working out and dieting since the 1st of the year and have dropped 7 lbs.  That's not bad considering today is the 12th!  One of my dear new friends is my reflex bag pictured here lovingly wrapped in my arms;
Yeah, 7 lbs off me makes a huge difference in how I look.  It always comes off my face first which is great since it's what everyone has to look at the most!  If you're looking for a great work out, callouses on your knuckles, or something to hit when you think about someone who pisses you off, GET ONE OF THESE!  Holy cow it's awesome.  I miss my old bag and this one is so much better.  It comes back at you (its on a spring) so you can simulate a fight scenario which I love.  It's also proved great therapy for my little ladies who have some pent up frustration from past bad experiences.  I'd hate to be the face they're imagining when punching the bag though!

In the mean time, since we've decided to look for a different type of property in a different area than what we were previously hoping to purchase (bigger and better so I guess I can deal with the shift), I have to make this little albeit beautiful place last a bit longer.  So I started today by going at my pantry.   yes I know I just posted about that a couple months ago but with 4 kids and a snack happy husband, it needed another good organize.  Which led to the question, how many cans of Easy Cheese does one man REALLY need?  Seriously...we could Easy Cheese the nation from here.

Hmmm.  Easy Cheese the Nation.  Great punk band name!

So I'm organizing and cleaning and working and writing and working out and gagging down healthy food and losing weight and having a great week.

Heat Miser is freezing but I have high hopes for snuggle time with my personal space heater tonight.  Baby hasn't been blue in over 24 hours.  We're officially off formula which makes me jump up and down (it's a good work out and the hubs loves the bouncing rack) and all is good with the world.


Anonymous said...

7 lbs? Such a bitch already!!! LOL I inhaled a nasty buffalo chicken salad from O'Learys today and its seriously leaving me with skid marks!!! Day one of diet...UGH!


21st Century D.G. said...

Yeah but you just started and I started 12 days ago. And LMAO @ the skiddies, sorry.

Michelloui said...

Just discovered your blog--entertaining! I love it! Im a new follower now.

Glad the hospital scare turned out fine, ugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Blue baby syndrome is very serious. It can be fatal, I can't believe those doctors let you sit and wait. Hopefully it was caused by the nitrates in your water and not his heart. You must be a nervous wreck. Here is a really great link to help others understand about the syndrome. I will be hoping for the good health of your little guy, he's adorable. ---Nurse Kathy

21st Century D.G. said...

No worries Ms. Nurse Kathy...He's been poked prodded looked over and checked out under all sorts of lights and scopes and shit. He's all good. It wasn't blue baby syndrome (methemoglobinemia) so much as this Acrocyanosis thing which is hormone driven...and a purely cosmetic, albeit scary as fuck, condition. His ticker and lungs are in perfect condition :)