Thursday, January 20, 2011

*dueling banjos*

I weighed the options.  I really did.
It's supposed to be 20 degrees below disgusting here tomorrow...that made the option of bath nearly impossible.  I couldn't have her tail freezing off.

I say "the options" like this is the first time this particular subject has come up.  And by nearly impossible, I mean not gonna happen for a bunch of not so good reasons.

So tonight I did the unthinkable...or is it.  I came up with a plan so lazy, so "Git R Done", so hillbilly that it could only be described as Duct Tape Brilliant.

I Febreezed the dog.

Funnier still is that I posted that on FB, and one of my buddies asked me how I got her to hold still for long enough to do it.  I hadn't even thought about that!  I just assumed that she would stand there with her tail between her legs and take it like big girl...and she did.

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