Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's The Wide Pedal in The Middle...

Ya ever have a song come on the radio or randomly pop into your head that makes you want to scream "WHAT THE FUCK??!!" because you wish that you could channel the lyrics into someone's head?

I have this lists of songs with sublists of people and subsublists of wait, I lost my train of thought.

The point is this...I was driving today and heard this song that I hate.  But it got me thinkin.  And I wish it would get other people thinkin...people in general.

I said it in the title...it's the wide pedal in the middle (that is if you're driving stick, if not, its the wide pedal on the left...clearly).

They say poor white trash stays poor white trash because they don't break the cycle.  16 yr old gets knocked up, hates her life, drinks, dates dbags, her kid hates her life, runs to the 1st guy who acts like he cares, guess what...gets knocked up at 16 too!  And the cycle continues.

What does it take for someone, anyone, that one, to put on the brakes and say ENOUGH.

One bad decision begets the next and that pushes you to another and another and another and the spiral gets steeper and the slope gets slipperier and next thing you know its like mach 12 to hell in a handbasket.  The hardest thing to do is usually the right thing.  But when you've become accustomed to taking the easy road as so many freakin people have, making the right decision is like facing the doom of a million tortures...or so it seems.  Its crazy how someone can stop and look backward at a series of events in their life and just throw their hands up in the air

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