Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've spent the last few days sifting through old belongings.  Storage is being consolidated from 15 areas to one area in the house and hell if it isn't a chore and a half.

I bust open one box today and it was a blast from the past!  1996!
The age of combat boots and baby doll dresses; Antonio Sabato Jr, and that hunky blonde guy from Dead at 21 who killed his career by appearing in Barbed Wire as the blind guy.  Yup.  Those days.

It got me thinking about how much some things change and how little others do.
Love changes.  At least for most people.  For me, it went through phases but I do have to admit that the last 5 years have been as wild a ride as the early days.  That fire that burns when things are awesome and those insane gripping chest pains that riddle your entire being and paralyze you when things are bad...yeah.  I've run through them all in recent years and even more so in recent months.  As one person once said, sometimes things are "back of the hand to the forehead" dramatic at the time they occur but as your head clears and the dust settles you realize maybe things aren't as lost as they once seemed.

Friends change.  Whether you've known them for ever or a short while...people seem less fake when their all hormones and hostility in the days of Junior year.  We wear our hearts on our sleeves as teens and it's so easy to spot those with hidden agendas or the just flat out nasty human beings.  As people get older they get better at masking who they really are, and some of us want to see the good in people...that rarely ends well.

Girls, as a general rule, do not change.  Those who would walk through fire and fight the devil himself for the ones they love; still do.  Those who refused to be walked on; never will be.  Those who feed their ego by bashing down others, will continue to feed their bruised self esteem by trying to cause pain to those around them.  Those who were known to cheat on their boyfriends, go after other girl's boyfriends, and generally act like trash; will likely continue to do so into what can only be called adulthood because of the number of their age.  And those like me who are willing to fight their asses off for what is right...don't ever stop, don't ever back down, and don't ever give up.

Boys change very little.

Cars change.  At least for those of us lucky enough to get out of our beat up Camaros (no matter how much we love them) and upgrade to something a little...more family and career friendly.

Change is good.  But change is bad.  I love to hate all the changes life throws at me but I wouldn't go back and redo most of them given the chance.  They have all hand walked me to where I am now, which might not be exactly where I thought I would be...but it's a place to be proud of, even on its roughest days.

So I traded Antonio Sabato Jr in for Opie from SOA:

I traded my Camaro for an SUV.  But my combat boots have been spit shined and polished tonight while my baby boy sleeps quietly on the couch...and I have a cute new dress to go with them.  Maybe my grunge days are over or maybe it's time to get back in touch 100% with that hard ass bitch I used to be.  What will tomorrow bring?  Can't say for sure; but like all other days, some will rise...and others will fall.  I'm movin' up.

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