Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry...wait for it...

CHRISTMAS!  Yeah, I fuckin said it.  MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Between Facebook, the stores, the news, and people I seems all I hear lately is this and that about the ever present Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas debate.
Enough already.  First off, does it REALLY fucking matter!?!  I mean really.  Essentially, you're wishing someone happiness during this time of year.  End of story.

What sparked this?  I get on FB this morning and my friend posted that he actually saw a store Santa Clause apologizing for saying Merry Christmas.
Let me just say that again...A SANTA CLAUSE...APOLOGIZING...for saying MERRY CHRISTMAS.

*scratches head*

To be clear on this...isn't that what Santa says?  "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!"?

I'm fairly certain that going back oh pretty much to the dinosaur ages, that's been his line.

Now, I get the respecting others, political correctness bullshit but come the hell on, Santa...don't apologize!  That's taking PC-ness to a whole new level of stupidity.  Perhaps Santa shouldn't say Ho Ho Ho, hookers might get offended...

I understand that we don't all have the same beliefs.  I grew up in a Lutheran home, believe in God...rarely go to church but its mostly for lack of motivation and time which is a bullshit excuse but welcome to my generation.  I'm not a bible thumper or a psycho who will corner you at the pharmacy and ask you if you've been saved.  But ya know what...Christmas is what I celebrate this time of year because it is what I believe.  I don't believe in the religions that encompass Hanu...Kwan...hell I cant even spell them (which I will undoubtedly get flack for).

I don't believe in cheating on your uhm I don't recognize it much less congratulate people for doing if I say "Happy  Holidays" in an attempt to wish you a good celebration in a god I don't believe in...essentially I'm saying "You're going to hell but hey, fuck it!  Have a good time while its snowy and white out this year!"

I'm a mom of a 2 yr old.  A sassy, independent, opinionated as HELL 2 yr old.  I want him to grow up to respect other people, but not be a push over.  I want him to be willing and comfortable speaking out and up for his beliefs.  Should he say Happy Holidays?  If he wants to.  But I'll be damned if he DOESN'T say "Merry Christmas" just because he is afraid someone might not like what he says.

So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and stop worrying so much about being PC that you lose sight of what is important this time of year; family, friends, and celebrating YOUR OWN BELIEFS.

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claire said...

You are SOOO right Abby... Its Christmas time, in our country we celebrate Christmas... if people from other cultures and countrys choose to live in our country then really they should respect out culture as much as we respect theirs... Just as when i spend time in any other country or with people of a different culture/religion i totally respect their beliefs and the way they live... Just like we should respect every single persons own opinion... being different is what makes life interesting....