Monday, February 28, 2011

Bust out the horns

In a recent conversation with someone I greatly respect, I heard a term that I fell in love with.  He was talking about having a sit down with someone who he had been...well...tied up in controversy with...and referred to it as "Sitting down to dinner with the Devil".  Suffice it to say, the controversy between them was not a small one.

This idea got me thinking about what I would say if I sat down to dinner with my devils.  Uhmmmmmmmmmm...yeah I can't post most of it here.

There's more than one person who's caused controversy in my life, especially recently.  Saying that I dislike people who put ripples in my pond is an understatement.  I like to imagine a Louisville slugger to the temples of those who fuck with my family or me.  Unfortunately, there are laws against things like that and I'm too cute to go to jail.

Sitting down to dinner with the devil...what would I serve...sarcasm and something with lots of carbs in it, & a side of bland watered-down tasteless beer.

So I spent the day today, while doing other things, thinking of what I would say if er rather when I sit down with the devil...any of the many in my life.

Now if you read here much, you know I skipped school on the day where they taught you how to hold your tongue.  I have; however, spent the last 5+ years being groomed by attorneys, counselors, and judges to bite my tongue (sometimes to the point of bleeding...literally) for the greater good.  Yes the "greater good" which is contained comfortably and happily within the 4 walls of our home...though I truly believe that there have been instances where NOT holding my tongue would have been far more productive.

I've been called calloused, confrontational, and combative.  To those statements I say:  Yes, Yes and FUCK Yes!  I mean face it, I only have 2 cheeks so you take more than 2 blows and I say the gloves come off!  But devils are devils and it's not always that easy.  You can only avoid confrontation for so long.

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